Donna Elick

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Every day is the perfect day for cake!

After years spent as a corporate training manager, specializing in communication and negotiation, Donna traded a fast paced career for a family life. She is a spicy Italian, born in New York and raised in the sunshine state. She was transplanted to the southwest where she met her husband 15 years ago. She says, “I fly around with my head in the clouds. Chad is my Earth, the Yin to my Yang, he grounds me. Then came our daughter, she completes our universe. She is our sun. She lights us up, and most days our life revolves around her.”
As a stay at home mom with a passion for family, friends, food and parties, it was only natural for her to start writing about it. She is the author of The Slow Roasted Italian. She develops amazing recipes and her husband and photographer Chad takes drool-worthy photos!
Donna enjoys the simple things in life, such as hearing her husband and daughter laugh or seeing them smile. She really enjoys having a date night "in" with her husband and a good movie. She truly appreciates her family, counts her blessings and thanks God for both of them everyday.

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