Leigh Ann Torres

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A well spent day brings happy sleep.

Leigh Ann is a freelance writer and blogger living with her family in the lively city of Austin, TX. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the University of Texas, then promptly got a job at a financial institution, which makes perfect sense. After surviving a high-risk pregnancy and five-week NICU stay, Leigh Ann left her job to stay home with her identical twin girls. She rediscovered her love for writing after realizing that baby books weren't really her thing and she needed to document life with preemie twins and massive sleep deprivation. Four years and another child later, she's still writing. And still sleep deprived. Between avoiding the laundry and keeping the peace between her three girls, Leigh Ann blogs about the good, the bad and the ridiculous of life with twins plus one at Genie in a Blog. She reads books that make her feel literary, does crosswords to keep her brain cells in check and goes for a run when she can squeeze it in. She's a pretty good cook, a mediocre photographer and a horrible housekeeper. Despite thinking she's quirky, she's probably horribly average.

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