Margo Porras

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Lovechild of Nate Berkus and Charo.

I'm many things: mom, wife, designer, latina, blogger (or bloguera), and more. So far I've lived a life full of design, salsa and bellylaughs, with just enough drama to make me want to stick around until the end. Along the way I've picked up an EXTREMELY diverse collection of interests from Beethoven to blackjack, plus many tips for living a life that’s lovable, no matter what gets thrown into the mix. Let’s just say it’s way more about caring than coasters! I’ve made it my mission to show people how they can celebrate all the good moments in their lives, no matter how small, as much as possible, until joy and gratitude become a reflex. I call it “Life, with extra cheese.” Because cheese is good, but extra cheese is better. Beauty is good, but more beauty is better. The same goes for friends, laughter and glitter. And love? You can’t ever have too much, you can’t ever give too much and you can always make more./p>

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