Maureen Wallace

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What??? I have two kids?!

Maureen Wallace was a moderately fit reporter/editor turned PR guru engrossed in her corporate-America career when she met her soul mate. She married The Husband at 36, gave birth to her son, Charlie, at the ripe old age of 37, welcomed her daughter, Mary Emma, at 38 and tackled weight loss (miserably), depression (successfully) and many, many tubs of ice cream (thus the weight loss issue) at 39. Charlie has gleaming blonde hair, eyelashes like sea grass, a mischievous sense of humor… and Down syndrome. Mary Emma and her sparkling blue eyes joined the family exactly 17.5 months after Charlie was born. Every day, she astounds her parents with what are actually quite typical development milestones. Parenting a child with special needs (much like any child) comes with joy, frustration and many (often unfounded) fears. Maureen chronicles these, as well as her efforts at work-life balance, on her blog, Toss in two ornery cats, Maureen’s fascination with blended red wines, The Husband’s obsession with his Halloween Garage of Doom and a clash between New England-bred sarcasm and Southern charm… and embrace the chaos!

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