Nichole Beaudry

all Parenting AUTHOR
For me, life is about appreciating one small moment at a time

Nichole spends her days enjoying the small moments with her children and uses naptime to write about them. She earned her undergraduate degree in English from The University of Texas and her master’s in English from California State University. Before having children, she worked as an English professor, teaching Composition and Shakespeare, much preferring the latter. Nichole is a freelance writer and the assignment editor for allParenting. You can also find her on her blog in these small moments where she writes about the smallest, most amazing moments of life. She hopes to remember everything, from the remarkable (tiny little chubby feet and ice cream smiles) to the challenging (diapers and the 10-minute stall at bedtime). It’s those memories that blend together to form childhood and she doesn’t want to miss a single second of it. Nichole and her husband, Craig live in Northern California with their two children, Katie, age 5, and Matthew, age 2 and they are working diligently on a third.

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