Posted: Nov 16, 2014 9:00 PM
Don't spend your hard-earned cash on pricey holiday photography. These photo backdrop ideas are easy to construct with a few supplies and minimal imagination.

A floating winter wonderland


Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Sugary marshmallows take on an ethereal quality when they're strung on clear wire for whimsical hanging garlands. String and hang the garlands for a photo that looks like your babies are waltzing through a winter wonderland.

Lessons in geometry


Photo credit: A Ruffled Life

Of course, nothing is quite as eye-catching as a bright and colorful backdrop pattern. We love how these triangle sparkles provide a modern take on holiday cheer.

Surrender to holiday sparkle

holiday lights

Photo credit: Plain Vanilla Mom

If you're going to use holiday lights as your photo backdrop, make sure you string them properly for the perfect shot.

Beautiful minimalism


Photo credit: Young House Love

We love the simplicity of a beautiful piece of fabric for a photo backdrop. This simple fabric tutorial works best with itty bitty babies who can't yet roll or crawl away from your perfectly-placed cloth.

Splash with color


Photo credit: Lovely Indeed

Are you more of a New Year's Eve family? Use bedazzled, colorful tinsel for a photo backdrop that practically toasts the new year.

A walk on the lighter side


Photo credit: Mom Tog

Balloons are a quintessential component of a proper childhood, so use an eye-popping line of balloons to frame your little ones in a perfect photo. Too colorful for your tastes? Use green, red and gold balloons, of course.

Messages of holiday cheer


Photo credit: One Claire Day

If you have a chalkboard or access to chalkboard paint, this simple and cute chalkboard backdrop is perfect for your family. Make it special with a cleverly chalked statement.

A sky full of stars


Photo credit: Design Work Life

Hang garlands of stars from the ceiling for a holiday photo that's stunning in its simplicity. And, oh yeah, it still sparkles just a bit.

Snowy and dreamy

snow backdrop

Photo credit: Hank & Hunt

It's hard to go wrong with a white photo backdrop, and this faux-snow backdrop certainly delivers. All you need is craft glue, a poster board and a meticulous eye for shredded white tissue paper. Imagine your cuties cuddled up in the middle of a snowscape without ever chilling their fingers and toes.

Cute and cozy cuddles

cozy cuddles

Photo credit: I Love You More Than Carrots

The holidays are perfect for cuddling under blankets and imagining magic. This backdrop of ornaments and canopies captures the memories nicely, don't you think?

Photo credit: KidStock/Getty Images

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