Posted: May 11, 2012 8:00 AM
Pinterest is the hottest new craze for the mom crowd, but what about your tween? Get yours started setting up boards and pinning for a sneak peek into things they really love. Here are five boards to set up -- giving you plenty to chat about.

It's hard to break through the headphones and start a conversation with your tween sometimes. Ask a simple question about the clothes she likes and you are likely to get an eye roll. Pinterest gets conversation flowing and is a great way to share ideas about the things you each like.

Places to see

Whether you would like to climb Mount Everest or rest your heels in the sands of Maui, pictures of places to visit are all over Pinterest. Maybe your family vacations in the mountains every year but your daughter dreams of the ocean. Pinning pictures and dreaming of places to visit -- for real or for fantasy -- is a great way to escape your sofa temporarily.


The recipes and pictures of food on Pinterest are enough to make your mouth water. Have your daughter start pinning recipes she'd like to try for snack time -- think smoothies or kale chips -- and others that she might like to help you prepare for a family dinner. It's an easy way to expose her to food combinations she might not have tried.


Fashion is all over the board on Pinterest. Many users create whole outfits with everything from shades to shoes in one image. Sharing pins and looking at clothes that others have pinned is a great way to help your tween find her fashion sense -- and for you to see what she really likes in clothes.


One of the most popular boards to create on Pinterest is a quote board. Whether you pin inspirational, funny or famous quotes each one is sure to spur conversation. Find quotes about famous, strong women as a great way to encourage your daughter that she can do anything she sets out to accomplish.

Happy things

Michelle Erfurt, a music therapist who works with tweens, suggests, "Create yourself a smile board (or whatever works for you) and pin something that makes you feel good (and smile)." This is a great way to gain insight into what makes your tween smile. Your boards may include everything from elephant-shaped salt shakers to pictures of newborn babies -- and are guaranteed to spark some fun conversations.

Take action!^ Set your tween up on Pinterest and open up a whole new way to bond.

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