Motherhood is a whirlwind -- but you still want to document your baby’s milestones. These efficient, easy methods keep those baby memories safe without demanding a ton of time or brain power.

Amid hundreds of dirty diapers, bleary-eyed days and shirts covered with spit-up, life is good. The days are only going to get better as your child grows but spare time will still be hard to come by. These stress-free methods help you keep those baby memories safe without dramatically adding to your to-do list.

Be photo fabulous

Digital cameras allow you to take as many photos as you want -- an advantage and a disadvantage. Order your absolute favorite prints to frame or send to eager grandparents but save yourself the struggle of organizing photos into cumbersome albums. Make the most of beautiful, fun, space-saving photo books from online photo sites -- they can create an album for you in just a few clicks. They’ll look great on your bookshelves and you can easily refer to them in the future.

Box the love

Invest in a set of small storage or photo boxes and label one for each month of baby’s first year. Don’t be picky about getting 12 matching boxes -- it’ll put less pressure on you later if you need more storage and can’t find the same style or design. Gather each month’s goodies -- from congratulatory cards to your baby’s hospital wrist band -- and store them in the appropriate box. Put sticky notes on the items that aren’t self-explanatory so you can jog your memory later.

Preserve choice moments

Less concerned about keeping dates straight and more interested in having baby memories in one place? Create a hope chest to store meaningful items. Use a formal cedar chest, toy box, plastic tote or even those giant diaper boxes delivered regularly to your door. Date what you can but don’t stress. As the years pass, you can continue to use your box(es) for drawings, schoolwork and even clothes. You and your child can one day reminisce as you look through this time capsule together.

Write it down

If you’re not a pack rat but you still care about the mementos that have meaning in your child’s life, invest in a Polaroid camera and journals or sketchpads. Take photos of the keepsakes that you want to remember -- from craft projects to gifts -- and paste them in the journal with a brief note about why these baby memories are significant.

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