Say cheese! When was the last time you had family photos taken? Having professional pictures taken on a regular basis is becoming status quo in mommy-world and dressing the entire family in a white shirt and jeans just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Check out this family photography style guide that will have you all ready for your close-ups.

Ditch the matchy-matchy outfits

You heard it here first -- no matching outfits for family photographs! We're declaring a ban, for the sake of Facebook profiles everywhere. But, that doesn't mean that you can't plan your family photo session outfits to coordinate, and yes, there's a big difference. Out: Everyone wearing khaki pants and white button down shirts. In: Everyone wearing different patterns in the same color palate. Out: Boys wearing one color and girls wearing another. In: Mixing things up with the boys in pink shirts and the girls wearing black and white.

Consider where these pictures are going

If you're planning on hanging these photographs on your walls at home, consider the color-scheme of where you'll be hanging them when you choose your outfits. If your living room is decorated in navy, pick clothes to wear that will look great against your walls... so maybe skip the navy when getting dressed! And, if you're planning on going with black and white prints, make sure to pick bold, contrasting patterns that will show up well.

To be fancy or not to be fancy

It's a tough call -- dress in normal, everyday clothes that are representative of what your life is like right at this moment? Or, class it up a bit with something fun and fancy? Try a little bit of both, as long as you can get your kids and husband on board! Pick a photography package that allows you to make a quick outfit change halfway through the session. We suggest starting with the fancy clothes so that you can put those on at home more easily!

Think location when getting dressed

Don't forget to consider the location where you're having your professional photos taken -- if it's a bold location, tone down the outfits and vice versa. Consider the shoes you're wearing for a beach shoot (wedges instead of heels!) and don't forget to bring along an extra layer for everyone that will look good in photographs, just in case the weather turns cool. There's nothing that will end a photo shoot quicker than some cold and cranky kids!

Get inspired

Need some specific examples of great photo shoot styling? Jump on Pinterest or browse the family photo sessions from your favorite photographers for inspiration! Once you find something that will fit your family's personal style, you can piece together similar outfits from your favorite stores or your own closets.

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