We’ve all been faced with the decision: should we do something that’s fun for us or our kids? At our house, the kids usually win out. In an attempt to keep my sanity, I’ve come up with a few fun ideas that make us all happy.

Every weekend, as we try to figure out what to do, my children inevitably suggest the park. And as much as we love our kids, we do not love going to the park. But, when we can't come up with a better idea, off to the park we go.

This weekend, I vow to be better prepared. I've come up with this list of family-friendly options to share with you:

Plan a scavenger hunt

With just a bit of planning, you can create a fun scavenger hunt for your entire family. Kids love an adventure and you'll enjoy seeing them figure out the clues that you have hidden for them. There's something amazing about watching your children enthusiastically try to find the things you've hidden for them.

Try geocaching

You could also take things up a notch and try geocaching. If you're unfamiliar with geocaching, it's a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt that uses GPS devices. You and your kids will navigate to a specific GPS location and look for a hidden container, called the geocache. Visit Geocaching to learn the basics if you'd like to give this fun adventure a shot.

Visit the zoo

When was the last time you went to the zoo? Always a hit with the kids, those same animals that delight them are also fascinating for adults as well. While your kids watch animals like giraffes, monkeys and grizzly bears, you'll likely find yourself amazed too!

Throw a banana split party

With a carton of ice cream, some colorful sprinkles, a bunch of bananas, some hot fudge, a bowl of chopped peanuts and a few ice cream bowls, you can celebrate the weekend with a banana split party. Whether you make your ice cream creations simple or elaborate, you'll find that you have as much fun as your kids.

Shake things up^ So, this weekend, when you and your kids are on a hunt, checking out the chimps at the zoo or digging your spoons into hot fudge, you'll be saved from yet another trip to the park. Enjoy!

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