One of my baby must-have products that is near the top of my list is for all the breastfeeding mamas out there. As a huge breastfeeding advocate, I think breastfeeding is beautiful and a wonderful and beneficial experience for a new mom.

I breastfed all three of my babies and even though it is a natural process, I'm a little modest about doing it in public. I'm not embarrassed about nursing my wee ones and my breasts aren't all that bad to look at, but I'm just not interested in putting on a show for all those around.

Breastfeeding on the go

As any mom knows, we are busy. We aren't home 24/7 to nurse our babies in the privacy of our own homes, nor do we want to be. I have nursed my hungry babies in restaurants, the car, bathrooms, at play dates, at the park, on an airplane, at the mall, you name it and I've breastfed there.

At the beginning with my first child, I kept a small blanket in the diaper bag to cover the baby and my ta-tas if I was nursing in public. Time after time the blanket would shift or the baby would take a hold of it and a little tug caused the blanket to fall to the floor, leaving me exposed for all to see. I'm somewhat modest so these blanket mishaps would leave me uncomfortable. Enter my absolute breastfeeding must-have, the nursing cover. I would recommend that every new breastfeeding mama invest in a beautiful nursing cover that stays put and lets you keep your modesty.

Bebe au Lait

One of my favorite nursing cover brands is Bebe au Lait. This lightweight nursing cover is brilliant in its design to keep the cover in place hands-free so that you can focus more on your baby than keeping a blanket in place. Plus, it's easy to use by just slipping the adjustable strap over your head to delicately hang over you and your nursing babe.

The Bebe au Lait nursing cover comes in the most beautiful, stylish fabrics that allow you to keep your style even though you may have spit-up or leaked breast milk all over your nursing tank. I'm not all about style though because I love the full-coverage of the Bebe au Lait that is perfect for any size mom to feel sufficiently covered. The fabric on the Bebe au Lait is so refreshingly thin that you won't need to worry about your baby overheating while nursing and you'll love that you can conveniently stuff the nursing cover in your diaper bag when not in use.

Bonding is a super important part of breastfeeding, so I'm also impressed with the rigid neckline that allows you to see the baby and the baby to see you to encourage bonding. Another great touch of the Bebe au Lait is the terrycloth pocket on the inside corner that is great for a quick clean-up and to store breast pads or any other small breastfeeding or baby essential. The Bebe au Lait Nursing Covers retail for $35 which I think is competitive with other nursing cover brands and more than worth the price.

Watch Hollie show you the Bebe au Lait

Image courtesy: Bebe au Lait

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