Posted: Mar 31, 2012 5:57 PM
Newspaper announcements are all fine and good -- but in the digital age, there are a number of unique ways to welcome your new baby. Shutterfly’s chief storyteller Heather Maddan offers these tips and tricks to help the modern parent celebrate a new addition to the family. Check out these unique ways to welcome your new baby.

Contributed by Shutterfly’s chief storyteller Heather Maddan

Storybook of Facebook photos

Pull pictures straight from a proud parent's Facebook page to create this stunning personalized storybook for baby. It's a sweet surprise for the family when you gift it upon meeting the child.

Birth invitation

In this age of the modern family, parents aren't the only ones in the room when baby makes his or her debut! A birth invitation is a formal way of getting those closest to you enthused about attending the labor and delivery.

The moment we met memento

To commemorate the first moments shared between baby and special friends and relatives, use the images taken to create photo plaques that can be gifted or used as nursery decor.

Explain the name

Parents fret for months about choosing the perfect moniker for their child and often the story of how the name came to be is rather interesting. Include it on the back of the baby's birth announcement.

Don't play favorites

It's tough to choose a single portrait of baby, so don't! Have each family member (older siblings included) select their favorite snapshot to create a collage announcement.

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