From seven to nine months old, your baby will achieve plenty of wonderful milestones -- crawling, saying "mama," waving bye-bye and more. We have put together these month-by-month guidelines of common developmental milestones.
Of course, you should keep in mind that all babies develop at different rates.

By 7 months old

  • Babbles and combines syllables
  • Bangs objects together
  • Begins crawling
  • Sits up without support
  • Stands with support
  • Watches objects fall
  • Waves bye-bye

By 8 months old

  • Begins to cruise
  • Crawls with ease
  • Passes toys between hands
  • Points at objects or people to communicate wants/needs
  • Says "mama" or "dada" but doesn't know which is which
  • Shows fear of strangers
  • Uses pincer grasp to pick up items

By 9 months old

  • Cruises around holding onto furniture
  • Experiences separation anxiety from parents
  • Feeds self with fingers
  • Plays peek-a-boo
  • Understands object permanency
  • Uses a sippy cup

How to nurture development

During this period, you can continue to nurture your baby's development through play and reading. Allow your baby to explore your home (under close supervision) by crawling and cruising. This will help prepare him or her to walk in the upcoming months. Get down on the floor and play with toys and blocks. Read books out loud with your child on your lap. Play peek-a-boo, sing lullabies and allow your child to stand for periods of time while you hold his or her hands. These activities will help enhance your baby's development and improve bonding between the two of you.

Cause for concern

All babies grow and develop differently. If your child misses many of these milestones, you may have cause for your concern. Talk to your pediatrician and seek additional help if necessary. Early intervention including physical and occupational therapy can be very effective when children are young.

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