Vacationing with baby or even a weekend trip usually means lugging tons of diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks, clothes, toys, burp cloths, bibs and more with you. Everything is multiplied and you are going to need a bigger bag. This is why I consider a weekend diaper bag (aka weekender) a must-have when traveling with a little one.

The amount you pack in your diaper bag is going to be very different than what you would normally pack for an afternoon outing. I would recommend traveling with two diaper bags when vacationing, one medium-sized everyday diaper bag and one huge weekender diaper bag. You'll need two because once you get to your destination, you won't want to lug around the huge weekender during the day. Plus, you'll just be that much more organized if you aren't cramming everything you need into one bag.

Finding the perfect weekender bag

Since most parents already have their everyday diaper bag picked out, let's focus on the weekender. Here are some tips for picking out a great weekender diaper bag:

  • Look for a very large interior with lots of pockets. Organization is key with a bag this big so the more pockets the better.
  • You want that bag to close. Whether it is with a zipper, snaps, buttons or magnets, you will want the weekender to close so that everything doesn't spill out in the aisle of the airplane if it happens to get dumped upside-down.
  • Look for a lightweight bag. You will be loading this baby up so you don't want to add extra weight with a heavy bag.
  • Avoid the black hole. Look for a light-colored interior. Dark interiors literally turn into a black hole when you are trying to find something that has fallen to the bottom.
  • Extras are all good. An included changing pad and wipes container are always welcome.
  • Don't forget your style! Sure, you can get some ugly monstrosity, but why would you want to? You wouldn't carry around an ugly-covered-in-Pooh-Bear purse, would you?!! You shouldn't with your diaper bag either. Look for a chic diaper bag that will keep your style.

What's my favorite weekender that has all these features? The Petunia Pickle Bottom Wistful Weekender! Hopefully these tips will help you shop for that great weekender bag that is perfect for your travels with baby.

Watch Hollie discuss her favorite weekender diaper bag

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