My baby must-have this week is for all the formula feeding mamas out there. Yes, breast is best but I'm not naive to think that everyone breastfeeds. I both breast-fed and bottle-fed my babies, so there is no judgment here either way.

If you do bottle-feed, listen up, because today I'm talking to you! At some point you are going to have to leave the house with that baby and pack up everything the baby needs. That includes diapers, wipes, binkies, bottles and formula. Sure, you can pack up that big formula can and try to fit it in your jam-packed diaper bag. You can splurge and buy those over-priced travel, pre-measured formula packets -- or you could be smarter than the formula companies and get a formula dispenser. These formula dispensers come in all shapes and sizes but one of my favorites comes as a stacker.

Formula dispenserWhat is a formula dispenser?

It's a small, covered container, usually plastic, divided into sections to hold a pre-measured amount of dry formula for on-the-go. These dispensers save money and space because it allows you to pre-measure the exact amount of formula you will need for each bottle to forgo carrying a huge formula canister around. You can find circular dispensers that have a lid that spins and has a covered hole to make dispensing the formula into the bottle easy. You can also look for the stacker-type containers, like I mentioned earlier, that have separate compartments that stack on top of each other and still have the dispensing hole and lid.

What to look for?

These containers are usually very basic so it should be easy to spot a good one. Look for one with a tight lid, or your pre-measured contents will spill over into the other compartments, leaving you guessing how much formula is really in there. It's also a good idea to look for a dispenser that is of the stacker kind so that you can add or take away compartments depending on your outing that day.

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