Posted: May 23, 2012 10:01 AM
Moms -- you are on the front lines of your child's health. Your unwavering love, support, guidance, instinct and advocacy are the true building blocks for a happy and healthy child. You are a doctor mom and we couldn't do any of this without you.

I love the saying -- it takes a village -- because it really does when it comes to raising children.

And when it comes to children's health, the most instrumental and important person is you.

Moms, you are on the front lines of children's health and without you, the village would come tumbling down in a dust cloud of dirty laundry. Sure, us pediatricians can diagnose an ear infection, offer advice for your colicky baby, tame that eczema and allay some of your most pressing fears.

But without you, our treatments and advice are merely Band-Aids at best. We need you.

Your tireless efforts to moderate screen time, maintain a calming bedtime routine and serve up a variety of healthy foods... essential.

Your late nights spent singing, nursing and rocking a colicky baby to sleep are building a foundation of trust and love that your newborn needs to thrive and grow.

You kiss those boo-boos, shoo away the bad dreams and endure monumental tantrums.

You worry about that cough in the night and are able to describe it in perfect detail come the next morning sitting in your pediatrician's office.

Your instincts are strong and you know when to follow them.

A worried mother does better research than the FBI.

When you're worried about your child's health or development, you won't rest until you have an answer. This quote, "A worried mother does better research than the FBI" is absolutely true of Moms.

You are the bona fide expert on your own child. Never doubt your vital role in the health of your own children. You are in it. Caring for and nurturing them 24 hours a day.

You are Mom -- on the front line of your child's health.

It's exactly why I tell everyone that to my own children, I'm Mom first, not Doctor. They need me to be their advocate, the bearer of worries and the wiper of tears.

As Moms, we are their soft place to land. The place of unconditional love, where tears aren't halted, giggles are always appropriate and forgiveness is just a hug away.

So, yeah, we are all doctor moms. The little things we do, every day, all day... those are the building blocks for a happy and healthy child.

And though your toddler may not always thank you for placing those peas on her plate or your tween growls at you for putting her iPhone away... just know that your blood, sweat and tears poured into your daily life as Mom, matters.

Thank You, Mom. I know it's exactly what your kids wanted to say anyway.

Happy Mother's Day.

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