Posted: Jun 10, 2013 7:00 AM
Father’s Day is a time to honor the dads in our life. We buy cards, gifts and shower attention on the men who made raising a child possible. There’s focus on what to get that special dad and how to honor him, but I’d like to shift the focus a bit and tell you what dads really want.

By Josh Becker

Perspective and miracles

My wife and I did everything we could to conceive our first child. We did everything for the better part of four years. Four failed IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) treatments and one miscarriage later we found ourselves at a fertility center. We were told that even with IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) we'd have less than a 10 percent chance of having a baby of our own. What most parents considered normal, such as pushing a stroller, feeding a baby or even writing about being a parent, we found only in our dreams. Two miracles later we were the proud parents of a precious baby girl and baby boy.

Like most people, many guys identify and relate to things outside of ourselves. For example, we easily get caught up in sports standings, having the latest tech gadget or firing up that new grill. Many times however, what's going on inside is overlooked by us and by those close to us. I'm going to give you a sneak peak into what's going on in a lot of guys' minds they may not otherwise share.

What dads are really thinking

We're so grateful for the partners in our lives. For those without partners, we're grateful for the close friends and family we have. Our hearts sing aloud when our kids say, "Daddy, I love you." We don't need to be reminded we're the best. We only need reminding that we're enough. We appreciate the innocence, joy, lovability, playfulness and spirit of our children. Even when we can't find the words, our hearts are singing with joy and compassion.

So this Father's Day, when you're struggling with what to get that special guy consider this -- as much as he loves that new shiny toy what he's really wanting is right there in front of him. It's the gift of his family seeing him not for what he's done but for who he is, a father.

>> Josh spends his weekdays as a program manager for one of Silicon Valley's largest tech companies. When not in the office, he's a full-time husband and father of two beautiful children. Following four years of failed infertility treatments, their first child, Olivia, was born -- and Josh's family just celebrated her 4th birthday. Just 16 months after Olivia was born, Jake joined the family and will be turning 3 soon. When not enjoying family time, biking, photography or reading, he's writing at one of his two blogs. You can find him at his parenting blog, Dad Street, or for a quick read about something that's true of everyone, check out his daily-inspirational affirmations at Tiny Chunks. Josh lives with his wife, two kids and golden retriever, Cody, in Monterey, California.

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