Posted: May 30, 2012 1:30 PM
Waiting for your little one to say her first words is so exciting! You listen to each and every coo and babble, trying to read something more into it. So far, my 17-month-old son has said everything from “I love you” (Ollu!) to “all done!” Clear as day... all done! (The boy loves his food, what can I say?)

Despite the fact that I birthed these beings, spent every waking and non-waking moment with them, nourished them, bathed them, cuddled them... basically everything... both of my children betrayed me with one little word.

Hattie Mcdermott

Okay, so betrayed might be a bit strong, but hearing them both pronounce "Dad!" clear as day was a little biting! It took another three weeks or so before either of them considered muttering "Mama" and even then, the jury was often out. Were they actually saying my name... or were they just asking for something more to eat, mommomomomomomom...

It’s good to know that I'm not alone in this war of words. In fact, I have some pretty popular company, namely Tori Spelling! Her youngest baby, Hattie, who's now 7 months old, just uttered her first words. Think you know what they were? Find out at

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What was your little one's first word? Were you surprised? Given how amazingly fun Dad is in our house, I’m not really surprised one bit!

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