Posted: Jul 09, 2012 9:00 AM
What's cuter than a picture of baby clad only in a diaper and mommy's flip flops or a little girl burying her dad in the sand? We asked moms and dads to send in pictures of their little ones having fun outside this summer.


Caption^ Harper, 17 months going on 17, as she takes in the summer sunshine on our new roof deck in Chicago.

"I was inspired to write this article because nothing says summer like kids playing outdoors. And my daughter, Harper, loves nothing more than to be outside (I'm convinced it's her California roots). I just hope and pray that she'll always have this much confidence while wearing a bathing suit!"

Mattix and Molley

Caption^ Mattix (5) and Molley (3.5) walking into the ocean for the first swim of the summer.

"My husband picked the kids up from school before they were out for summer break. They were just going to 'walk along the beach' but my kids are total water babies and they couldn't stay out of the ocean. They came home in their underwear with sand-filled hair after they went for a big time swim! We love summers in Southern California," Laura, mother of two.

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