Posted: Jul 09, 2012 9:00 AM
What's cuter than a picture of baby clad only in a diaper and mommy's flip flops or a little girl burying her dad in the sand? We asked moms and dads to send in pictures of their little ones having fun outside this summer.

Micah costa rica

Caption^ Micah (2.5) with a look of determination as he is about to jump into a pool in Costa Rica.

Dana Marlowe, mother of two, says she loves taking pictures of her sons enjoying the pool. Whether it be a real swimming pool in Costa Rica or a plastic pool in her own backyard, Micah loves the water. She also gave us a picture of Micah (at age 9 months) clearly getting a kick out of the plastic pool.

Micah baby pool

Caption^ Micah (9 months) looking not nearly as frightened of the plastic pool as he does of that pool in Costa Rica.

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