Whether you love or hate this leading reality show family, there's no doubt parents can learn a thing or two from the mistakes and triumphs of Kris Jenner and the Kardashian clan. From good parenting tips like the importance of a strong family bond to bad parenting examples like Kourtney Kardashian's opting for co-sleeping without Scott on board, check out these parenting lessons we've learned from the Kardashians.

A strong family bond is priceless

Bruce, Khloe, Kim and the whole Kardashian clan pitch in when it comes to Mason, although Kourtney doesn't leave her children's sides often. But, whether they're jet-setting to their next family vacation or are just hanging at Kris and Bruce's lavish pad, the Jenner parents are always there to help their offspring look at all the angles before they make their own decisions.

A nanny doesn't have to replace MommyKim and Kourtney Kardashian with Mason

Celebrity status hasn't changed this reality star's main priorities: her children. While Kourtney has a trusted nanny she can turn to when work duties call, she shares that she doesn't use a caretaker if she isn't working.

It's tough to be your kids' friend and their parent

There's no doubt that Kris Jenner is still deeply involved in her adult children's lives -- especially as a momager -- but when you mix business with family, there's bound to be a huge void of boundaries. As the world watches with mouths agape, the Kardashian and Jenner kids have all been known to disrespect Mama K more than a few times.

Take parenting advice with a grain of salt

Learning from other parents' mistakes can save your sanity, but you don't have to take everyone's parenting advice to a T. Despite her mom's extensive parenting experience as the mother of six children, Kourtney does what's right for her and her family, not just what her mom tells her to do.

Co-sleeping is a fine line

Kourtney sleeps with first born Mason, and is likely rooming with new baby Penelope, but co-sleeping isn't bad news so long as both mom and dad agree. And, as past episodes of the many Kardashian series revealed, restless sleeper Scott sleeps in a separate bedroom and has voiced his displeasure in having to exit the family bed.

The Bottom line^ While parenting is tough, it's a heck of a lot easier to do when not under the scrutiny of reality show viewers, like Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian have chosen to do. But, the best parenting lessons we've learned from the Kardashians is that no parent is perfect, even with the best parenting tips Hollywood money can buy!

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