Halloween is supposed to be a night full of fun, but it can also be a dangerous time for little kids. This Halloween, make sure the only frightful things that happen are the ones you planned on. Keep your little ghosts and goblins safe with these Halloween safety tips for kids.

There are more accidents and injuries involving children on Halloween night than on any other night of the year. With a little planning and diligence, you can avoid the unexpected. Make sure your family stays safe and has fun at the same time with these 10 great Halloween safety tips for young children.

Never trick-or-treat alone

Young children should never trick-or-treat without a parent. Even with a parent present it is always safest to head out at night in a group.

Be visible

Dress your children in bright colors and reflective clothing so that they can easily be seen after dark. Glow sticks are another fun way to brighten up a costume.

Walk safely

Always stay on sidewalks and in well-lit areas, and only use designated cross walks to cross the street.

Consider trick-or-treat alternatives

Look into neighborhood trunk-or-treat parties or gatherings at your local mall as alternatives to trick-or-treating after dark.

Always inspect candy

It is important for parents to always inspect candy before it is eaten. Check to make sure that candy is in original, unopened packaging and that it has not been tampered with. It is best to get rid of any home-made treats unless you know the person it came from.

Light the way with a flashlight

A flashlight will help your child see better at night, and is a great way to help them stand out to any cars that may be driving by.

Dress appropriately

Choose a costume that can easily accommodate layers if the weather turns chilly. Also, be sure that the costume is not so long that your child is tripping over it.

Keep kids hydrated

Take along a bottle of water to make sure that your little ones stay hydrated while they are outside trick-or-treating.

Plan your route in advance

Make a plan to only trick-or-treat in familiar neighborhoods. Only knock on doors of trick-or-treat friendly homes — ones with lights on and decorations out front. Teach your child to never go inside a stranger's home.

Avoid dangerous accessories

Avoid using swords or other sharp objects that could pose a hazard, or choose a less dangerous foam sword to go with your child's costume. Opt for face paint instead of masks because masks can obscure your child's vision.

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