Posted: Jan 27, 2013 5:30 PM
While kids would rather run and play than sit a spell on the toilet, there's no denying that kids are grumpy, picky and downright don't feel good when they aren’t relieving their bowels regularly. But, waiting for a constipated child to go isn't your only alternative to a dreaded suppository. Whether your toddler is withholding his bowels during potty training or your kiddo is simply backed up, discover four tips on how to get your kid to poop.

cup of waterKeep hydrated

Water is an essential ingredient in your youngster's body, but, when your kiddo is lacking enough H2O, the body will reabsorb water from waste material, causing bowels to become hard. Before you know it, you have a constipated child on your hands. "Children should drink plenty of water during the day, as well as eat foods that are high in water such as veggies and fruits," explains Dr. Thomas M. Seman, North Shore Pediatrics.

Fill up with fiber

Fiber is the second key ingredient in the recipe of getting your kid to poop. It is found in vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and even powder form. "As for the amount of fiber recommended, you can take your child's age plus five to equal the number of fiber grams per day your child should consume," advises Pediatrician Dr. Geraldine M. Summa of Summit Medical Group. "And, remember, there are so many clever ways to hide this healthy ingredient."

Assume the position

Activities like digging in the dirt and sand naturally promote this movement.

It's easy for your kiddo to hold it in when standing, but when you cleverly encourage your youngster to get into a body pose that encourages bowels to move, it's a win-win for everyone. "One of the ways to support relieving bowels is to encourage children to sit in a low squat," offers Sherianna Boyle, certified yoga instructor and author of Powered by Me. "Modern day living with our high toilets and sedentary life style may work against healthy bowel movement. Activities like digging in the dirt and sand naturally promote this movement."

Set aside some time

It's no secret that most kids would rather play than stop to use the bathroom, especially when potty training. Even if your youngster claims that he doesn't have to go, set aside 15 minutes per day to sit and try to poop. Repeat again later in the day if the first attempt wasn't a success. With a little consistency, your youngster will soon become regular without the need to force him to sit on the porcelain throne.

Using these four tips to get your kid to poop not only helps your kiddo dodge the cranky constipated child condition, but also keeps your youngster healthy overall. "The secret to keeping your immune system strong is: what comes in must come out!" reminds Dr. Summa. Whether potty training your toddler or trying to get your youngster's system on track, helping your child to move bowels regularly will be a habit worth forming.

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