Posted: Feb 08, 2013 7:00 AM
Your kids can't wait to watch the Grammy Awards and see their favorite singers, but with so much sexualized content — be it song lyrics or outfits — is it appropriate for your child? AllParenting moms weigh in and Dr. Fran Walfish shares tips for deciding if your kids should watch the show.

The 55th annual Grammy Awards will be televised live on CBS Feb. 10 at 8 p.m. EST. Your child's favorite bands will be performing on the big show, but is it OK for them to watch?

In my experience as mom of two boys, just when I think it's safe to watch music awards shows, a cringe worthy moment happens.

What allParenting moms think

My sons are old enough now — 14 and 11 — that the Grammys will be fine, but I asked fellow allParenting mom writers to weigh in with their thoughts.

Kori Ellis
says, "I think it's fine. My kids are 4 and younger, and they'll probably watch."

^ Kim Grundy, mom of 6- and 8-year-old sons says, "My kids love the performances so I would be fine letting them watch the Grammys. It is on CBS so the artists won't be cussing or acting too crazy — or, if they are, it will be bleeped or edited! It is also a great way to expose them to other types of music since the show does a fairly good job covering different types of genres of music."

^ Katie Kavulla's daughter is 8, and she'll be watching music's biggest night, too — after mom previews the show. "I usually watch it myself before letting my 8-year-old daughter watch it with me," Kavulla explains. "When she was younger, and a little more unaware, I didn't mind as much, but having her latch onto some of these more adult concepts, at this age, it getting dangerous. We had to have a discussion the other night about the lyrics of a Rihanna song because she gets it now — the lyrics are starting to make sense."

Expert advice about watching the Grammys with your kids

Use this as an opportunity to bond as well as a chance to get inside your child's mind.

Child and family psychotherapist Dr. Fran Walfish suggests using the Grammys as a teachable moment for your kids. She says, "Watch the show with your child and open dialogue about what he or she is viewing. Use this as an opportunity to bond as well as a chance to get inside your child's mind. Ask curious questions including, 'What do you think about how Britney Spears is dressed?', 'Would you want to dance the way Beyonce is moving her body?'"

Whether you DVR the show so you can preview before deciding if it's OK for your kids to watch, or make Grammy viewing a family event, enjoy the show!

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