Posted: Feb 01, 2013 12:05 AM
If you think organizing a family game is a sure way for a parent to fail, fear not. Leisure activities, like sports games, can actually make stronger parents and more adaptable families.

Make it part of your every day

Family leisure research shows families'  ‘core’ leisure activities (those they do all the time, don’t cost much money and are a regular part of their routine) are related to family cohesion. The research says these regular every-day things facilitate emotional bonding toward one another. If you feel you are lacking in those everyday events, why not try a few easy games easily integrated into your family's sport routine?

Whiffle ball

A super easy game to play as a family is a quick pick up game of whiffle ball. Grab the plastic bat and bag of balls and head to the back yard. Even a few minutes with the Whiffle ball before dinner every day can have everyone laughing and making memories.


Another easy sporty game which to make a habit is any version of Frisbee. Play catch with partners, set up targets to hit for modified Frisbee golf, or take to the playground for ultimate Frisbee.

Net games

If the weather permits and you have the space, set up a net and pick up some badminton and volleyball equipment. Spend 20 minutes after dinner outside playing instead of watching television.

What about special events?sports tickets

Experts call special outings or bigger recreational events that families do, ‘balance’ activities. If you want to be the parent of the year and take the family to a family sports camp, or try surf lessons on vacation, these special sporty activities will help your family better adapt. These novel opportunities for interaction within the family system, as well as within the family's environment, can be unpredictable, challenging and risky. All of these elements foster the family’s ability to adapt and be flexible in a setting that is also fun.

Bottom line, it is important to healthy family functioning to be intentional and allow for the nightly game of touch football in the living room (even if it makes you crazy) as well as those special outings that force you to spend some quality sporty time together.

If your family is a fan of a specific sports team, foster bonding and adaptability by getting tickets to the next game.

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