If you are looking to organize a little neighborhood fun and are bored with the same old barbecue, impress the whole block by organizing an amazing scavenger hunt.

Don't let your nosy neighbor have any reason to poke holes in your plan. Make sure your plan is well thought out and you will have no reason to worry.

What kind of hunt will you plan?

Things to consider when deciding are the ages of the kids and how many people will be participating. For younger crowds (preschool age) a scavenger hunt based around images is best. If you have a large crowd, it might be best to assign teams of families to search for things as a group.

If you build it, will they come?

Make sure you plan the hunt well in advance and get invitations out early. Request an RSVP to know who will be participating and so you have enough supplies and prizes.

The list

Every scavenger hunt has a list of items to be found. However, how that list is constructed is up to you. Some hunts are based on images, if you prefer that method, try putting clip art images or photos on the outside of a handled paper bag. That way small children can collect items they find and easily put them inside the bag. If you have an older crowd, clues or riddles may be appropriate. If you want to go all out, this scavenger hunt journal is a great way to organize the hunt and provide a souvenir for each family participating.

Timing is everything

When limiting the amount of time people have to find the items, make sure people understand where to start, and when and where the hunt will end, and exactly what time to report back. There will be no need for neighborly quarrels if all watches are synhronized.


After the hunt, be sure to have fun prizes for the participants. If the hunt is themed, coordinate the prizes to match the theme. If you do not want to be responsible for all the expense, have each participating family bring a prize to be won.

Teens and Tweens^ If there are teens and tweens in your hood, plan a night hunt complete with glow in the dark items to find.

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