For many dog lovers, leaving their best friend behind while the family has fun can be too much to bear. Next time the family plans to go out, try a place that welcomes all members of your family!

Fido + food = Fun for all

A fabulous pet-friendly family outing is your local farmer's market. Fido will be in good company and have plenty to see as you browse through local goods. Remember that some busier markets will host many dogs, so keep yours on leash. Also, remember to make sure it is okay with each vendor if your dog gets close to the goods, as some may not want your furry friend too close to the food.

Grab a bite

If the family is heading out to lunch, many restaurants welcome well- behaved dogs to their outdoor seating area. Bring along some food and water so they can enjoy people watching while munching, just like the rest of the family! Call your favorite food spot ahead of time to be sure your pet is welcome to dine.

Free bath

A great place to treat the kids and the dog is the city splash pad. If yours is a water-loving doggie, it is a perfect spot for a hot afternoon. Pack snacks for the kids and a special doggie popsicle, made of frozen broth, for Fido to enjoy.

Shaggy shopper

According to many outdoor shopping plazas also welcome dogs. If you are planning a day hitting the shops, take Fido along for the trip. Make sure to stop at any pet stores along the way!

If you really want to spoil your dog, make the trip all about him. has a Worldwide Dog Event Calendar to search for the perfect doggie vacation. A quote from the site: “Attend any of the dog shows, agility competitions, costume parades, festivals or fundraisers on our Worldwide Dog Events Calendar and you'll meet hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dog lovers. Since 70 per cent of the events listed benefit humane societies, attending one is a great way to help homeless pets in your community.”

Extra Tip^ Next time you head out for ice cream, look for a spot that welcomes your dog. Many shops have special sundaes complete with dog biscuit toppings for free!

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