Posted: Apr 01, 2013 10:00 AM
Not quite as demanding as scrapbooking, Monthly Interviews in a lovely DIY package will help you keep track of your child's favorites, the sweet things they say, their must-dos and their must-nots. This memory book idea is as sweet as it is simple!

The Monthly Interview is the perfect scrapbooking and memory book compromise. Simpler to upkeep than scrapbooking, but just as heartstring pulling, this sweet DIY is one you can start today and are sure to love tomorrow!

What you'll need

  • A monthly photo of your child
  • A set of printed out questions
  • A photo album, scrapbook or decorative binder
  • Pretty stickers and stamps (optional)

Monthly interview collage

What you'll do

  1. Set aside one day a month to photograph your child. Consider always photographing her the first of the month so this becomes a routine.
  2. It's sweet to take the photo in the same spot each month showing her growth and the change of the seasons.
  3. Another clever idea is to have your child holding a small chalkboard or white board with the month and year written on it. This looks lovely and will help you keep track of the photo timing.
  4. Print a set of questions to be filled out each month. Consider printing many copies at once and keeping them in a folder. You can fill out the answers or an older child can fill out her own. It's fun seeing how their handwriting changes throughout the months and years!
  5. We love this list of questions: favorite book, song, movie, food, treat, subject, outing, TV show, color and word.
  6. Consider leaving a space for your child to write her name — her handwriting changes so quickly and is fun to look back on — and a spot for you to add any thoughts or notes to her.
  7. Pretty up the Monthly Interview with stickers, stamps or background paper. Or better yet, decorate the page together! The time spent together photographing, answering the questions and decorating the pages will become sweet memories of their own!
  8. Put the pages together in the photo album, scrapbook or binder. Consider letting your child choose the book and buying several of the same size so they fit together nicely on your bookshelves.

One more thought^ If you're interested in creating a Monthly Interview book digitally, Snapfish and Shutterfly offer easy, affordable options to do this for as little as $15!

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