Posted: Mar 14, 2013 5:00 AM
My Facebook page is host to an amazing community of people with some of the best questions. I asked them to hit me with some tough questions to share in this article.

Remember when Facebook launched? How it was just a place for college kids to talk about how hot they thought each other were? No? Me either. I had to wait years to get on the book of Face because I am old. Regardless, Facebook has changed from a place where you poke people to an amazing community of people. I've built up an amazing group of people over on my Facebook page, and their interaction, education and commitment never ceases to amaze me. So, for this article I asked my page to post questions in hopes they'd be answered in this article. Here we go.

I present to you — The Facebook Five.

Favorite gear

Julie F^ Boba 3GIf you were stranded on a deserted island (just you and a baby) and could only bring three pieces of baby gear, what three essential pieces of gear would you bring and why?

Let's assume, for the sake of this article, that men can breastfeed, OK? Let's continue. It's not necessarily a baby product, but I'd bring by Nook Sleep Pillow. I miss it so much when I travel that it hurts. It's not cheap, and I have the prototype, but it's unlike any other pillow I've ever used and I heart it. I'd bring the Boba 3G. Huge Boba fan, so I'd definitely bring that to wear my little nugget around. I'd also want a lifetime supply of MD Moms Sunscreen Wipes. The wipes make it so easy to apply to the skin, and if I am a single dad... ain't nobody got time for that!

Kristina R^What is your favorite baby product of all time?

Tripp Trapp high chair

This is complicated. Do I go with product in terms of usefulness? In terms of the emotional connection I have with it? In terms of being often recommended? Ugh... I have a soft spot for the Bugaboo Frog since it's what got me into this business. I am also a huge fan of the Stokke Tripp Trapp (I use it at my desk, I've used it as a step ladder, I've used it as a coffee table while waiting on furniture to be delivered). I also swear by Dapple. I use their Bottle & Dish Liquid at home and it's the best dish soap I have ever, ever used. Ever. Order it. Get it.

What's his secret?

Lisa C
What do you look for in products that make you say, "Yes, I'll recommend this to parents"?

When I evaluate products, my only filters are, "Is it good?" and, "Is it crap?" I am not a retailer, so I don't have to look at packaging, shop-ability and things like that (thankfully). How do I decide if something is good? It's a process. I have fairly good instincts from working in retail and working with products every day for the past, gracious, nearly eight years. I do have factors I consider with product, but those are secret. When recommending products to people it is solely based on lifestyle. I've actually had fights with people because they wanted Stroller X even though they lived where they had to take a city bus multiple times every day and Stroller Y would've made more sense. They wouldn't listen, and sometimes I give up. I can only do so much.

Best baby shower gift ever

Elizabeth A^You have a $200 limit and a baby shower gift to buy. What would you get? This doesn't have to be one item... I'll throw in an adorable basket for free if you choose multiple gifts.

Sophie GiraffeThis is a good one. With baby showers, people often forget the parents, so I always recommend throwing in something for mom or dad. My personal go-to products — a set of blankets from SwaddleDesigns, a Sophie Giraffe, New Mama Bottom Spray and other products from Earth Mama Angel Baby (I actually keep the New Mama Bottom Spray in my fridge and use it as facial toner — it's awesome), a Nosefrida (because it's a great conversation starter and it's a genius product), and then add a few books. You can never go wrong with Dr. Seuss books for a kid. Ever. Give them in the boon Naked Tub, not a basket.

Stroller infatuation

Eliza M^How many strollers is too many? I have an UPPA Vista. Now that my daughter is almost a year I am starting to covet a jogger (so I can theoretically get in shape) and an umbrella stroller for subway rides, etc... ) Which are your recommendations in those categories? Or you can tell me I'm nuts and I don't have room for three strollers which is probably true.

Mountain Buggy TerrainLive. Your. Life. If someone judges you based on how many strollers you have, or don't have, they've bigger issues to deal with. Let them judge me! It's not uncommon for people to have three strollers (a daily, a jogger and a travel) so you can breathe easily. If you're looking for a jogger, I'm a big fan of the Mountain Buggy Terrain. It has a nice recline, handbrake, adjustable handlebar and a belly bar for your kiddo. Baby Jogger's new Summit X3 will also be one to be reckoned with when it launches soon. There are about a bajillion umbrella strollers. I'm a big fan of the UPPAbaby Gluxe, the Maclaren Quest, and the Bumbleride Flite.

And a special bonus question!

Marlett A^Potty training. When do you start? How do you encourage it, when rewards aren't enough? My daughter will be two. Is this still too young to start? I'm 23, and a first-time mom, so I have no clue where to begin.

I hate to break it to you, but potty training isn't really my strongest area. If I was better at potty training, I wouldn't be wearing a diaper while I write this. See you next week!!!

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