Posted: May 31, 2013 9:00 AM
Giving your tween a manicure is a perfect way to spend time together. This sweet twist — known as beaded nails or caviar nails — uses microbead nail art to decorate a manicure. Our beaded nail tutorial makes it easy to pamper your not-so-little girl in a fun, whimsical way!

Carving out quality time with your tween is a must, and a whimsical take on a manicure is a swoon-worthy way to fit the bill. Our beaded DIY manicure makes it easy to pamper your sweet girl and the end result is as creative as it is lovely. Gather an emery board, pretty-scented lotion and her favorite nail polish color, and get ready for some sweet quality time with your favorite tween!

allParenting tween microbead nail supplies

What you'll need

We love the idea of pampering your tween manicure style. Consider using:

  • An emery board to shape her nails
  • A small dish of water to soak her nails to make it easier to shape her cuticles
  • A soft towel to dry her hands off
  • Pretty scented lotion

After the pampering comes the polish! You'll need:

  • Her favorite nail polish
  • A clear top coat
  • Reflections microbeads (Michael's, $5)
  • One small plastic bag

allParenting tween microbead nail collage

What you'll do

  1. Paint her nails with two coats of her favorite polish color, allowing each coat to dry completely.
  2. Beaded nails look lovely on every nail, or on one accent nail on each hand. Decide together how she'd like her manicure, then — one nail at a time — apply a clear coat to the nails that will be "caviared."
  3. Place her wet nail into a small plastic bag that you've filled with microbeads, carefully covering the nail with the microbeads.
  4. Gently press the microbeads into place and complete the look with a light, clear top coat.
  5. Repeat the simple process for all the nails that she'd like beaded!

One more thought^ Caviar nails are fun for one-on-one time with your favorite tween or as a birthday or slumber party activity. After the beaded fun, the easiest way to remove microbeads — or any nail polish — is to pour a little nail polish remover into a shallow bowl or container and fully dip the nails in the remover. After a moment or two of soaking, the polish and beads will wipe off easily!

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