Mother's Day is about celebrating the laughter and tears that come with being a mom... the sweetest of kisses and the moments that have us running for mom advice! Mother's Day also conjures the wildly popular Listen to Your Mother show. Directors and producers from 24 cities share what they've learned about motherhood.


May 5

Listen to Your Mother Milwaukee is directed and produced by Alexandra Rosas and Jen Gaskell. The Milwaukee show is Sunday, May 5 at 3:00 p.m.

Listen to your mother- Milwaukee Alexandra

Accept yourself for who you are and watch yourself blossom.

Alexandra says, "I remember being a young mom, with two boys under the age of 3 and not even married four years. I was trying so hard to fit in with the other moms in my city and be accepted, but my fiercely independent children were making it difficult to be part of any mom's play groups. I ended up leaving a Mommy and Me art class early one day because my children wouldn't settle down enough to quietly paint like the other kids in class were. We drove home in stony silence, me scowling at my boys in the rear view mirror. They knew I was disappointed and they looked down into their laps. Later, while sitting at home feeling sad and discouraged, I thumbed through a Christian parenting magazine. The words in the lead article smacked me in the face, "Accept a child for who he is and watch him blossom." I nodded yes, through eyes blurry with tears. Time for me to accept my children for who they are, wild energy and all, and let them blossom. I've fallen back on that phrase every day, and now that my children are teens, I've taught them to apply this same philosophy in kindness to themselves, "Accept yourself for who you are and watch yourself blossom."

Listen to your mother- Jenny Gaskell

Those ordinary moments are strings of precious memories that weave together the tapestry of my family's history, past and present.

Jen says, "I learned an important lesson of motherhood from my mom, Bonnie. I spent the first five years of motherhood consumed with guilt over my role as a mom who works outside the home. I put pressure on myself to make every moment count. Holidays and birthday parties had to be perfect. I felt like I was missing precious moments with my girls. My mom reminded me that it is the simple, ordinary moments that my girls will remember. She was right. I need to remember to listen to my mother. Her wisdom resonated deeply with me. My favorite memories with her are watching movies as a family, drinking hot chocolate in front of the fire after we went sledding as a family and reading in the kitchen while she made dinner. My girls will remember our impromptu dance parties in the kitchen when we make dinner. My girls will remember the bedtime stories that my husband and I read to them. My girls will remember singing songs at the top of our lungs as I drive them to daycare and school. Those ordinary moments are strings of precious memories that weave together the tapestry of my family's history, past and present."

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