Posted: May 03, 2013 10:00 AM
Upping a cute, classic fishtail braid with yarn threaded within makes for an adorable, unique and colorful hairstyle. We'll show you how to do a fishtail braid — yarn included — so you can do your not-so-little girl's hair with ease and style!

A classic fishtail braid is adorable and easier to style than you might think. It's simply a two strand braid meant to look wispy and sweet. We'll show you not only how to pull a fishtail braid together, but also how to thread colorful yarn within! This unique look is sure to be a big hit with your sweet tween. And the time you spend together while styling her hair will be well loved by both of you!

What you'll need

  • Colorful yarn (Michael's, $3)
  • Hair elastic (Target, $3 for a pack of 32)
  • Scissors

What you'll do

Tween fishtail step 1

Measure the yarn from the top of your tween's head to several inches longer than the ends of her hair. Then, double that measurement so you can fold the yarn in half. Cut several pieces of yarn to this length.

tween fishtail sep 2

Section off the part of the hair that you'll braid into a fishtail — you'll only be using this hair in the braid. Fishtail braids look lovely braided with all of the hair, as a small section on the side of the head or as a half ponytail.

twen fishtail step 3

Knot the yarn directly into the hair. Remember that you'll be braiding from two strands — rather than the traditional three — so make sure to knot at least one strand in each half of the hair section that you're working with. Each time you knot a piece of yarn in the hair, it'll give you two pieces of yarn to thread within the braid. The more yarn you use, the more colorful your braid will be!

tween fishtail step 4

Split the hair into two sections. Take a thin strand from the outside of the first section, and bring it over to the opposite side. Repeat by taking a thin strand from the second section and bringing it over to the first.

tween fishtail step 5

Repeat this process until you reach the end of the hair, carefully threading the yarn into as many of the hair strands as possible. You should have a bit of yarn length left at the ends.

tween fishtail step 6

Tie a hair elastic around the end of the braid. Then — if you'd like — carefully wrap the ends of the yarn around the elastic, knotting it on the backside of the braid.

tween fishtail step 7

Trim the ends of the yarn — either leaving a bit hanging down into the braid or close to the hair elastic so the ends don't show — and your colorful fishtail braid is complete!

Tips^This style works best with yarn — rather than ribbon or thread — because yarn is coarse and doesn't slide through the hair. When it's time to undo your creative fishtail braid, simply unwrap the yarn from around the hair elastic, undo the elastic, unbraid the fishtail and slip the yarn right out!

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