Posted: Jun 05, 2013 8:00 AM
Any mom can purchase anything with a click of the mouse, but do kids born and raised in Los Angeles come with an inherent sense of style? Judging by my 3-year-old daughter's friends, I'd say so. 

We live in a lovely area of LA, but it is not the most posh. It has more of a hipster coffee shop vibe than a Rodeo Drive feel. My daughter goes to a great preschool, but I never feel the need to dress up at pickup time. Unlike what is portrayed on television, the other parents have on work clothes, workout clothes or simply appropriate middle-of-the-day attire.

Still, I've noticed that my daughter and her friends rock outfits a lot more fashion forward than I did when I was three. My girl is not afraid to take a style risk. She mixes high and low end pieces without a second thought.

Are these kids born with it or is it a reflection of their surroundings? Probably both. Do they dress well because their moms dress decently? That has got to have something to do with it. From infant music class on, I get a kick out of seeing little kids dressed like mirror images of their parents. I'm sure this happens everywhere, but I see it in a dramatic way every day in LA.

Often these kids (and their parents) are identified by one of these three looks:

Rock 'n' roll inspired

LA toddler: rock n roll inspired

I assure you that when I was a kid, they did not make purposely faded tees, distressed denim or silver studded garb for the potty training set. Now these looks are all the rage.

Grateful Dead T-shirt $41, Paul Smith toddler jeans $81, Love Me Do T-shirt $34

Designer everything

LA toddler: designer everything

When I spot a little kid in $100 jeans, I don't have to look three feet before my eyes rest on a parent with some sort of blazing logo.

Gucci bomber jacket $325, Fendi kids' sneakers $202, Little Marc Jacobs swimsuit $90


LA toddler: Hipster/hippie

This is probably the most prominent look I see on kids in our neighborhood. Men in skinny jeans, women with their hair in top knots, and they're probably chasing a kid in Saltwater sandals, Native kids shoes and soft, organically handmade attire.

Saltwater Sandals $40, Native kids shoes $35, Splendid sugarcane dress $72

OK, so fine. I've dressed my kids in all of these things. My daughter pairs Target with Tea Collection and my son has more than one pair of DC baby shoes that match his dad's. Maybe it's a benefit that they'll grow up aware of fashion trends, or maybe it's a glaring mistake. But in LA, you can't escape an outfit statement. Even as a toddler.

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