Teens move to the next big social network before adults have even heard of it. From MySpace to Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, SnapChat and now Pheed, teens are into their social media spaces. What's the deal with Pheed?

Just when you thought there were plenty of social media hangouts, your teen has discovered another one. Think YouTube with a dash of Twitter, Vine, Tumblr and a shot of Instagram, and you get the picture of what Pheed has brought to social media. Launched in October 2012 in Los Angeles, Pheed is the latest platform you've never heard of.


Pheed has taken all of the coolest stuff about social media and combined it into one multi-media platform — text, audio tracks, video, live broadcasts, photos and voice notes. While not intended only for teen users, a recent article shared that 84 percent of Pheed users are between the ages of 15 and 24. Instead of using multiple apps for your social media interactions, you can do everything in one place on your own “channel.” The site became so popular that for the entire month of January, they made it unavailable to catch up with the huge influx of early subscribers. The site was back up Feb. 1 and topped the charts in the free social networking app category on Apple's app store.

Monetize your channel

Pheed offers the ability for channel owners to charge for their content — either a monthly subscription fee or a pay-per-view option. Think watching a live broadcast of an up-and-coming indie band, for example. Viewers and fans could pay to watch a live performance right on their phone. By offering anyone the opportunity to monetize their content, Pheed has added a feature not available on the other social networking sites that may become the next hot thing. A few celebrities have become early adopters, like Miley Cyrus and Nas, helping to push teens into downloading the app and checking out the features.

Copyright feature

Pheed has a unique copyright system, allowing content creators to watermark their videos and photos — a big bonus for creative types. A watermark creates text that remains with the photo, even if someone tries to steal a copy. This feature initially attracted photographers to the site late last year.

What parents need to know

Privacy concerns top the list of parental worries about the internet and any social networking apps.

Like with any social networking site, if your teen is going to have a Pheed channel, you need to have the internet privacy conversation. Again. Privacy concerns top the list of parental worries about the internet and any social networking apps. Anything your teen posts to a site that has not only real-time video capabilities, but still photos and video has the possibility of being broadcast to a wide number of people and not remain private. It's the same issue with every other site from Facebook to Instagram — just remind them once again.

Channels are rated based on content, so you can choose to subscribe only to “G” rated channels, for example. You set the rating for your own channel, which lets subscribers know what type of content you will post, and the appropriateness. Like Facebook, Pheed has a requirement that users be at least 13 years old — which we all know kids will work around if they really want access.

What teens are saying

It's a cool idea, and I did sign up for a channel...

“It's a cool idea, and I did sign up for a channel,” says Kelli, age 14. “But until I know a bunch of friends and people from school who are on there, it's kind of not as fun.” Other teens with an interest in film, or those in a band, can hope to grow a following from their Pheed channel.

With all of the attractive features of so many other apps, Pheed might possibly be the one to combine them all. But will it take off? Would you use Pheed?

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