Posted: Jul 18, 2013 8:00 AM
Development of fine motor skills in preschoolers sets the foundation for future skills and helps aid in a child's ability to be self-sufficient. These crafts and projects will give your preschooler a good dose of fun while honing these important skills.

fine motor skill activities- bead strings

Bead strings

Using string or pipe cleaners, have your child string beads one by one. Pipe cleaners are great for beginners, as they are sturdy and easier to place the bead. Just bend one end of the pipe cleaner to prevent the beads from falling off. Once done, form the beaded pipe cleaner into a circle for a bracelet or doorknob decoration. If using string, tie the ends together to make a fun necklace.

Make it more challenging^For more of a challenge, give older preschoolers or kindergarteners a limited range of bead colors and encourage them to follow a pattern.

Fine motor skills activities- picture punch

Picture punch

In this activity, kids use a craft needle or a toothpick to punch holes along the outlines of a picture. Simply draw a large, easy shape, number or letter on a half sheet of construction paper, and let your child punch along the outline of the shape with the toothpick or craft needle on your carpet or rug. After the punching is completed, kids can hold the picture up to the window and see the light shining through the holes!

Make it more challenging^For more of a challenge, tear out a picture from a coloring book and encourage them to punch as much of the picture as they can.

fine motor skills activities- paper plate lacing

Paper plate lacing

Paper plate lacing is a great activity for hand/eye coordination that uses supplies you most likely already have on hand. Start by punching several holes into a paper plate. Tie a large knot at the end of a long piece of yarn or ribbon and have your child lace the yarn through the holes. Wrap tape around the end of the yarn or ribbon to make it easier to lace and prevent fraying.

Make it more challenging^For more of a challenge, assign each hole a letter from A to Z and have your child lace the holes alphabetically.

fine motor skills activities- sticker art

Sticker art

Start by drawing a letter, number or simple shape into a sheet of construction paper. Give your child a sheet of stickers and have them place stickers only on the lines of the shapes. Not only does the placement of the stickers help build their hand/eye coordination, just peeling the stickers from the sheets helps build those fine motor skills.

fine motor skills activities- rice treasure hunt

Rice treasure hunt

Fill a large bowl or deep baking dish with rice and “hide” small toys or beads in the grains. Have your child fish out the items by hand. The rice provides valuable sensory stimulation, while the hunting for and grasping objects aids those fine motor skills.

Make it more challenging^ For more of a challenge, have your child use tweezers or a clothespin to pick out the objects.

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