Build your child's confidence before kindergarten begins! Start practicing these fun learning activities now, and your kids will start their first school year at the head of the class!

As the first day of kindergarten approaches, do you find yourself worrying about whether your child is on track academically? Put your mind at ease and have some fun at the same time with these great activities that will prepare your child for kindergarten.

allParenting color matching game

^Color matching activity

Help your child match up colors with simple (and free!) paint chips. Pick up a few paint chips from the hardware store (be sure to grab two of each color). Take the chips home and cut out a small rectangle from each color, and glue it to a clothespin. Have your child clip the clothespin on the matching paint chip.

allParenting Alphabet match up game

^Alphabet match up game

Some plastic spoons and alphabet stickers are all you'll need for this fun activity. Stick uppercase letters at the top of 26 solid-color plastic spoons, and then stick the lowercase letters at the bottom of 26 clear plastic spoons. Have your child match up the upper and lowercase letters by placing the clear spoon over the matching solid-color spoon.

allParenting Easy counting game

^Easy counting game

Pull some coffee filters out of the pantry and use a marker to write numbers at the bottom of each filter. You can do one through five, one through 10 or beyond, depending on your child's skill level. Set out some pompoms, cheerios or small toys and have your child count out the correct number of objects for each coffee filter.

allParenting Shape sorting activity

^ Shape sorting activity

Get your child moving and learning at the same time! Take out some brightly colored tape and outline several shapes on the ground. Send your child around the house on a shape-sorting scavenger hunt to gather objects that match those shapes.

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