Posted: Jul 29, 2013 11:00 AM
Do you have any idea how difficult it is to select a winner from a group of adorable (and stinky!) baby photos? I do, thanks to Munchkin!

Last month, I shared with you Munchkin's Stinky Face contest, where parents were encouraged to enter their kiddos' cutest "stinky faces" for an opportunity to win $1,000 and an Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail.

Well, over 400 oh-so-adorable photos were entered into the contest, leaving Munchkin with the painful task of narrowing those photos down to 10 finalists. At that point, three other judges and I had the extra difficult job of picking the winner! Let me tell you, it took me a while to pore over those sweet, stinky little faces and choose my favorites. But I did and I'm excited to share with you the winner, 4-month-old Liam Keilbart from Mesa, Arizona. I mean, look at that face!

Munchkin stinky face photo contest runner-ups

Daniel Parsons from Olathe, Kansas, and Claire Williams from Baltimore, Maryland, were the runners-up. Munchkin will send them the ultimate gift basket. (Tell me, aren't they priceless, too?!)

A baby's face says it all, and any parent knows there is nothing more honest or transparent than a child's expression.

"A baby's face says it all, and any parent knows there is nothing more honest or transparent than a child's expression," fellow guest judge and expression specialist Janine Driver said. "In a day where memes and silly photos can instantly become viral sensations, Munchkin's Search for America's Best Stinky Face captured the fun and honest moments that parents witness with their children through powerful yet simple expressions. Keilbart's silly gesture can be interpreted as a curious grin or an overly-exaggerated 'stinky face' in need of an Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail to clear the air."

I'm not an expert by any means — I just thought the little ones' faces were super cute! Munchkin was one of my go-to brands when my kids were babies. Be sure to "like" Munchkin on Facebook to stay up to date and get valuable coupons.

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