Posted: Oct 18, 2013 7:00 AM
Babies might not last long in their Halloween costumes, but their sweet faces and pudgy fingers all decked out in costume are picture perfect every time! Check out these adorable and unique baby Halloween costumes! We dare you not to swoon.

Babies decked out in Halloween gear are swoon-worthy every single time! Check out these moms' favorite baby Halloween moments!

Halloween baby costumes- Katie Kavulla

Katie Kavulla is an allParenting writer and the creator of Being5, a blog about a family of five who despite their love for the city just dove headfirst into a life in the suburbs. About her daughter's (adorable) first Halloween, Katie says, "We tried to go low-key for Janie's first Halloween, which was nearly nine years ago now. I put her in a pink velour outfit (this was when velour outfits were very in, FYI), clipped a tail to her bottom and drew some whiskers with an eyeliner pencil that I had in my purse. Instant bunny!"

Halloween baby costumes- Greta Funk

Greta Funk writes at GFunkified, about her chaotic, gluten-free and kid-filled house on the prairie. About her cute-as-can-be baby Halloween costume, Greta says, "I look for easy and warm baby Halloween costumes — anything that will keep my littlest one snuggly and comfortable while allowing me to easily change diapers and feed! And, of course, it must be outrageously adorable, like this lamb costume!"

halloween baby costumes- Jill Smokler

Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy, is the creator of Scary Mommy, a parenting community for imperfect parents. About her adorable Frog Prince baby, Jill says, "I loved this one because I bought the frog costume for five bucks and added the crown myself. It's about as close to Martha Stewart as I get."

halloween baby costumes- Jessica Torres

Jessica Torres shares her stories of trying to live a greener life while tricking her two daughters into eating vegetables at her blog, My Time as Mom. In this sweet Halloween photo, her eldest daughter, nicknamed Bug, warmed the hearts of every ghost and goblin dressed up as a little ladybug!

Halloween baby costumes- Leslie Marinelli

Leslie Marinelli is an award-winning humorist who blogs at The Bearded Iris, is the editor-in-chief of In The Powder Room and is the editor and co-author of the new bestselling humor anthology You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth. One of her favorite Halloween photos is a proud farmer posing with her record-breaking (and very ticklish) eggplant!

Halloween baby costumes- Lindsey Mead

Lindsey Mead blogs about the effort to remain present and engaged in her life, about her children and about ways to stay open to wonder at A Design So Vast. About her Halloween cuties, Lindsey says, "For years, my children wore coordinating Halloween costumes — Tinker Bell and Peter Pan, Harry Potter and Hermione, a firefighter and a Dalmatian. This one — a chicken and an egg — was my favorite!"

halloween food costumes- Kim Steele

Kim Steele writes at Co-Pilot Mom, a blog about co-piloting two little captains until they're flying on their own. In this Halloween gem, Kim's little (4-month-old!) dragon is sleeping after a busy round of trick or treating in the neighborhood!

Halloween baby costumes- Maureen Wallace

Maureen Wallace is an allParenting writer and the blogger behind Operation Have It All, a blog about so many things on so many days: asking questions, advocating, mothering, stressing out, ordering in, writing, writing, writing and margaritas! Her Halloween baby is decked out as the sweetest skunk ever!

Halloween baby costumes- Sherri Kuhn

Sherri Kuhn writes for allParenting and blogs at Old Tweener. About her Halloween sweetie, Sherri says, "For my son’s first Halloween (he was 5 months old!), I decided to be creative and turn one of his cute one-piece outfits into a superhero costume!"

Halloween baby costumes collage- Stacey Conner

Stacey Conner blogs about life with four kids, transracial parenting and joys and sorrows big and small at Is There Any Mommy Out There? Stacey's caption for this first photo, featuring her oldest three kids, is, "We'll do anything for chocolate, even smile for 1,000 pictures."

And we just had to include this second photo, featuring Stacey's youngest. Stacey's caption for this undeniable gem is, "Yes, I am their fourth child. How can you tell?" proving that there's nothing sweeter than Halloween babies and that absolutely anything can be made into a sweet and creative baby Halloween costume!

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