Posted: Oct 16, 2013 12:00 PM
Every generation of parents hopes to raise their children better than the previous generation. We hope for better schools, safer cars, better nutrition and a brighter future for our own children than we may have had. But we aren’t the only influencers our children have. The outside world continues to offer our children a tiny glimpse of what life used to be like for children — back in the day. Parents beware — the U.S. Postal Service almost created a wave of fun and freedom in the younger crowd.

Why is the U.S. Postal Service pulling the plug on a stamp series? To save our children, that's why.

Let's Move!

In a move anticipated to support Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" physical activity and exercise program and also to celebrate the carefree, fun life of children playing outdoors, the U.S. Postal Service planned to run a series of commemorative stamps depicting children at play. Sounds fun and wholesome, right? Apparently there are dangerous things our children could be doing each and every moment they set foot outdoors — and the darn Postal Service was attempting to plant crazy ideas in their heads.

USPS Let's Move stampsPhoto credit: United States Postal Service

Dangerous depictions

In the series of 15 commemorative stamps, children were seen enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, skateboarding, doing handstands or even jumping into a swimming pool "cannonball" style. The designs caught the eye of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, and they deemed several of the activities depicted on the stamps to be "unsafe" for children. Bowing to pressure, the U.S. Postal Service will destroy thousands of these stamps in an effort to keep these unsafe thoughts from our children. Skateboarding without a helmet? Soccer without shin guards? And possibly the worst offender, doing a headstand without a helmet. Our kids are in danger, and we are powerless to stop it.

What they left out

Now that parents have had the opportunity to discuss the dangerous activities with their own children — thanks to the efforts of the U.S. Postal Service — we can all rest assured that these stamps will never be in distribution, tempting our kids to do fun things and throw caution (or shin guards) to the wind. But we can't help but notice a few unsafe activities our children do routinely, not depicted on the stamps.

  • Potty training — Their bottoms are so small! They are so wiggly they might fall into the toilet and be flushed away! Potty training could be much safer with the introduction of a toilet seatbelt and water wings in case they fall in.
  • Stroller-ing — Kids spend a lot of time in strollers, whether mommy is jogging in the park or maneuvering the aisles at IKEA. And yet, millions of mothers let their children ride helmet-free in the stroller each day — carefree and unaware that at any given moment, a large gust of wind could come swooping underneath the stroller and upend her bundle of joy. Add a bubble wrap jacket and your child is good to go.
  • Sand play — That sand at your neighborhood park just might be quicksand — you can't be too safe. How do we keep them safe in the sand? Parents should attach a tether to their wandering child, with one clip on your belt, the other around your child's waist. When the sand gives way at a moment's notice, you can reel your child in from certain danger.

Share with us!^ What are we missing? What other fun and carefree activities should the Postal Service protect our children from? Leave us a comment below.

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