The teacher usually walks my son into his preschool classroom, but that morning we arrived late and I ended up letting him walk in with another parent. Though the woman looked like a kindly grandmother, I panicked about five minutes down the road when I realized that I just trusted a total stranger to escort my son. I wish we'd had this device to save my sanity.

It's every parent's worst nightmare: losing track of a child. This is why we have backpack leashes, stroller-bound toddlers and kids glued to iPads at the airport.

A company called BeLuvv gets it: We live in a scary world where a kid wandering too far can have dire consequences. So they're releasing an innovative, new wearable Bluetooth device called Guardian. Guardian is poised to save lives, and here's how.

Kids wear it

Guardian buckle on a bag

Children will enjoy the fact that this is one cool-looking gadget. The Bluetooth piece can be inserted into a bracelet or a buckle which can be attached to clothing. Its minimalist design fits right in with the fashion of the day, so if your kid is becoming picky about their outfits, you should hear no complaints about this one! You can have them wear it as a bracelet or anklet, though the anklet option does feel a little house-arresty. Or you can attach it to a backpack or other bit of clothing.

Parents download it

Guardian is an accessory that interacts with an app on your phone. The app alerts you if your child wanders out of the area, and if you do lose your child, the app can be told to search for her using your phone's Bluetooth signal. You set a perimeter you're comfortable with, and Guardian alerts you if your little one is straying too far. No more frantic scanning of playground equipment when he was standing behind me all along! Click here to learn about the app.

BeLuvv Guardian app collage

It's a network

Everyone, parent or not, should download the Guardian app when it's available, and here's why: When a parent notifies Guardian that their child is missing, Guardian uses all phones where it's installed to "watch" for the child using the Bluetooth signal on each phone. If the child wanders into a stranger's signal, the phone alerts Guardian and therefore the family of the child's location. The stranger may very well have accidentally saved a child's life.

Privacy concerns

My first thought when I read about Guardian's Bluetooth tracking network was, "Well, what's to stop someone dangerous from downloading the app and locating lost kids?" BeLuvv thought of that, too. When a lost child wanders into the range of a Bluetooth signal, Guardian is notified, along with the parents of the lost child and anyone else the parents chose to include as co-guardians. But the phone that located the child doesn't notify its user. So just by having the app on your phone, you could help locate children without even knowing it. Brilliant, right?

Order it now

BeLuvv's Guardian will ship out at the end of November, but you can pre-order now and receive the discounted price of $25. Compared to other comparable child-tracking devices, this is a steal. Pre-order your Guardian here!

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Images courtesy of BeLuvv