When I hear about moments of overt hate and homophobia, and watch the majority of the country react in support of the victims, I wonder when these bigoted people will realize they are in the minority, and the country is done with them.

Lately, when I read about ridiculous homophobic moments by ignorant bigots (like the waitress being denied a tip on account of her perceived sexuality), the single thought occupying my mind is: "Wow, I wonder when these people are going to figure out that the world is leaving them long behind."

Sorry, homophobes, but nobody cares anymore. You are the minority. You are the weirdos. You are the ones the rest of us look at and shake our heads in disbelief, the backwards anomalies holding on to old, twisted ideas of bygone generations while the rest of the world moves on.

You're like the sad losers stamping their feet on the sidelines, long after the game has ended and the victors have gone home. You're screaming and throwing tantrums: "But I don't wanna go! We win!"

You don't win. You lose. You've already lost.

The game is over.

America is done with you.

It's one thing to disagree with the way somebody lives their life. It's another thing to openly bash, humiliate and belittle them.

Gay marriage? It's totally happening, dude. It's spreading like wildfire. The federal government recognizes it. Fourteen states have legalized it; seven in 2013 alone (source).

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Do you think that momentum is going to end? It's not. It's not going anywhere. In fact, it's increasing. According to the Pew Research Center, since 2007, the percentage of Americans saying "homosexuality should be accepted by society has grown by at least 10 percentage points," meaning 60 percent of Americans agree (source). Soon, we'll be like Canada, with 80 percent. Or Spain at 88 percent, or Germany at 87 percent approval of mainstream acceptance of homosexuality (source).

Perhaps you think I'm exaggerating that most Americans — right now, today — don't care about a person's sexual orientation, particularly when it involves regular societal acceptance. Check this out: "Support for a gay person's right to speak before a public audience increased from 62 percent in 1972 to 86 percent in 2010; support for allowing gays and lesbians to teach at colleges or universities rose from 48 percent in 1973 to 84 percent in 2010; and approval for having a library keep a book that favors homosexuality rose from 54 percent in 1973 to 78 percent in 2010" (source).

The momentum won't stop

Oh yeah, and it's only getting worse. For you. (The rest of us are sighing deep sighs of "Finally.")

Why? Because American kids care even less than American adults. They are largely being raised by people like me (sorry), who couldn't care less who a person chooses to love or sleep with. Or they're being raised by people who perhaps do not condone homosexuality based on religious beliefs but believe all Americans should enjoy equal civil rights. Because, oh, I don't know, this is America. We've tended to emphasize that whole equal rights thing. Well, on paper at least.

73 percent of American young people aged 18 to 29 believe gay marriage should be recognized.

A November 2012 Gallup poll found that 73 percent of American young people aged 18 to 29 believe gay marriage should be recognized. The same poll found that the only age group against the recognition of gay marriage was those 65 and older. So yeah, basically the wave is moving toward acceptance, and all signs point to your worst nightmare.

Even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) (though it still believes acting on homosexual impulses is a sin) has issued a statement urging its members to "respond sensitively and thoughtfully when they encounter same-sex attraction in their own families, among other Church members or elsewhere" (source).

In other words, no more disowning, rejecting, hating or bashing.

Transgender kids in California get to use whichever bathroom they want.

Germany now offers a third gender option.

The pope – yes, that's right, the Catholic one – has explicitly stated that he would "not judge" a gay priest.

Basically, everybody is realizing civil rights cannot be denied to people simply because they live in a way religious right-wing fanatics find offensive. Nobody should be treated with rage, hostility and violence. Nobody.


So yeah, bigots and homophobes, your days are numbered. Sure, you can advocate "cracking the wrists" of gender-bending kids. You can deny a gay waitress her tip because you disagree with her "lifestyle." You can light a gender non-conforming youth on fire as he rides a bus. You can keep up your gay hate crimes (which you often perform in the name of "God"). You can do whatever it is you're compelled to do to rant and rave and rage against this changing world, but know this: You are on your way out.

The country's not getting your back anymore.

You're the crazy one now.

Think about the waitress I mentioned who was denied a tip on a $93 bill by a family who didn't agree with her lifestyle. You know how the country responded? They sent her cash. They gave her the fattest tip she'll ever receive: $2,000.

You know what happened in response to the bus fire attack? A bunch of the victim's male classmates — fellow high school students — wore skirts to school in a demonstration of solidarity.

At what point will you see that perhaps you are the one on the "wrong side of history?"

When will you pick up a mighty crowbar and pry open the cellars of your brain, the door that's slammed shut, the vault that holds your archaic opinions? When will you let a tiny crack of light enter the dark recesses of your brain and maybe, just for a moment, admit to yourself that maybe you're wrong. Maybe you've been duped by old ideas the rest of the nation is abandoning for better ones.

When will you let a tiny crack of light enter the dark recesses of your brain and maybe, just for a moment, admit to yourself that maybe you're wrong.

When will you realize that you're the outsider now, and unless you want to remain the angry toddler throwing a tantrum in his bedroom, you should probably open your eyes and mind a little, and realize gays are here to stay, and most straight people support them (or at least their rights) — unquestioningly, unflinchingly, because it makes no sense not to.

"Gay" is not a condition to be caught.

Same-sex marriages do not deface, degrade or diminish hetero marriages.

Marriage equality is not a slippery slope to marrying dogs or rabbits.

And no, marriage is not for reproducing, and it's not biblical, and it's really not "sacred" in the secular world. In other words, nobody cares about how you define marriage.

Nobody cares about how your Bible defines marriage, and nobody's interested in allowing that definition to permeate civil liberties. Period.

People do, however, care about equality and civil rights and being a decent human being.

So come on in, join us on the light side. You'll be OK, I promise. The weather's fine.

In fact, I'd even say it's fabulous.

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