You imagine breastfeeding at home, sitting in your rocking chair, with soft music in the background. But in reality, babies get hungry at the most inconvenient times and the most ridiculous places! Real moms answer the unaskable: Where have you breastfed your baby? Or in some cases, where haven’t you!

For those of us who've been out of the breastfeeding game for a while, some breastfeeding locations seem... strange. At Target? At the park? In the car? When you're in the midst of (breastfeeding) things and your baby is hungry, "strange" gets redefined. These women name the "strangest" places they've breastfed making anywhere you and your baby have chosen to breastfeed perfectly ordinary!

Breastfeeding- Jessica

Jessica writes the blog Live the fancy life, a lifestyle blog focused on making each day fancy including ideas about parties, home design, DIY projects, fashion, shopping and parenting. About the "strangest" place she's breastfed, Jessica says, "Without a safe option to stop on the freeway, I got in the most awkward position ever to feed my son while he sat safely in his car seat in our moving vehicle. Not the most glamorous moment in my parenting life."

Breastfeeding- Kathy RadiganKathy Radigan writes a weekly essay about her life as a wife to one, mom of three and the owner of a possessed kitchen appliance on her blog, My dishwasher's possessed! About the "strangest" place she's breastfed, Kathy says, "We were waiting in an examining room for our first pediatrician appointment with our 5-day-old son. He started to cry and I knew he needed to eat. Being brand new at nursing I was not yet skilled at getting myself in and out my clothes. The doctor walked right in as I was pulling my boob out. I looked up, smiled and cheerily said, 'Hi, we are your new patients.' He smiled and walked right out."

Breastfeeding- Pam Moore

Pam Moore blogs about motherhood, marriage, running and life on her blog Whatevs... About the "strangest" place she's breastfed, Pam says, "I think it has to probably be in my manager's tiny office while my manager and I were going over my annual performance review when my daughter was about 4 months old!"

Breastfeeding- Heather Davis

Heather Davis is a mother driving in the Funny Lane on her blog Minivan Momma. About the "strangest" place she's breastfed, Heather says, "We bought a minivan online *the day* that our younger daughter was born. Two days later, I nursed her in the bathroom of the dealership while waiting to sign the papers!"

Breastfeeding- Anne Guldan-YoungerAnne Guldan-Younger is a 30-something full-time SAHM mom of 5 kids ranging from newborn to 14 who resides in Ashwaubenon (Green Bay), Wisconsin, and is the blogger behind The Megalomaniac Mommy. About the "strangest" place she's breastfed, Anne says, "I've nursed babies in a lot of strange places such as bathrooms, the beach, while getting my haircut, etc. Of all of them, I have to say that sitting in the corner of a bar/restaurant at the end of the bar where my husband's entire family was enjoying dinner is at the top of the list. I remember the bartender coming over and asking if he could get me anything and then he realized what I was doing, turned around and walked away."

Breastfeeding- Jennifer Dodson

Jennifer Dodson is a mom who wants it all. Extended breastfeeding and high heels. Gold hoops and unschooling. No boundaries. About the "strangest" places she's breastfed, Jennifer says, "On an airplane, at a Phish concert, at Wrigley Field, on the subway, on a horse drawn carriage, in line to buy Cubs tickets, on Navy Pier, on a Ferris wheel, on a boat, in my car. Truly, almost everywhere."

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