Posted: Dec 12, 2013 10:00 AM
Raising teenagers is like… what words popped into your mind? Real moms flip the teenager perception around to the positive. Teenagers are mysteries to raise, but wonderful ones. Focus on teenager positives with us by looking at the wonderful parts of parenting teens!

Parenting teens can be unpredictable and, admittedly, frustrating. But it can also be breathtakingly wonderful. Sticky projects and milestones met are traded in for long conversations and inside jokes. Many moms confess that they love watching the wonderful people their teens become under their roofs and right before their eyes.

Teens can be incredibly thoughtful, insightful and present the rest of us a window into the future.

Rhonda Richards-Smith, LCSW, a mental health and relationship expert, explains why. As a licensed psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience in the mental health field, Smith is passionate about helping people improve their personal lives, relationships with others and overall mental health. When it comes to teens, she says, "There's no doubt that raising teenagers is no simple task; however, a positive aspect that parents can look forward to is getting to know them. Teens can be incredibly thoughtful, insightful and present the rest of us a window into the future."

Real moms change the traditional surly teenager perception to the positive and share the wonderful parts of raising teens.

Teens- Kate St. Vincent

Kate St. Vincent Vogl teaches at the Loft Literary Center. She's the author of Lost and Found: A Memoir of Mothers and is at work on a memoir about her father.

About the wonderful parts of raising teenagers, Kate says, "As my teens explore who they are and who they want to be, I love how their questions challenge me to explain how and why I came to the decisions I did — making me more reflective of my past, more mindful of my present, more hopeful for all our futures."

teens- Sherri Kuhn

Sherri Kuhn is right in the middle of parenting two teens, and often reflects on how quickly the time has flown on her blog, Old Tweener.

About the wonderful parts of raising teenagers, Sherri says, "There is just something magical to me about watching your sweet baby, who is initially so dependent on you for everything, begin to develop into a young person you honestly enjoy spending time with.”

Teens- Nicole Morgan

Nicole Morgan is a retired marketing expert offering unlimited advice in infertility, adoption, homeschooling and parenting on her blog, Sisters from Another Mister.

About the wonderful parts of raising teenagers, Nicole says, "I enjoy the new camaraderie side of spending time with my teen. She's smart with a wicked sense of humor and a heart of gold. Not only do I love her, but I really like her."

Teens- Julie C. Gardner

Julie C. Gardner is a mother, a wife, a writer, a human, who shares her successes and failures in all these endeavors at her blog, By Any Other Name.

About the wonderful parts of raising teenagers, Julie says, "I love witnessing the growth of these two spectacular people while they still live under my roof. Despite the negative stereotypes typically assigned to teenagers, mine are funny, kind and generous. Their tolerance and open-mindedness give me hope that the future is in excellent hands. Plus, my daughter and I can borrow each other's shoes. Win-win."

Teens- Sheri Silver Sheri Silver is a landscape designer and mom of three, sharing her tips and tricks on the things she's most passionate about — baking and cooking, gardening, shopping and her adventures in and around New York City with her family on her blog, Donuts, Dresses and Dirt.

About the wonderful parts of raising teenagers, Sheri says, "I’ve always considered myself more of a 'big kid mom,' rather than a 'baby mom,' and now that I’m raising my now 5-year-old, I appreciate my big kids even more. I love — absolutely love — having older kids. I love their independence, their amazing sense of humor and their unique perspectives on the world. I love that their passions have given me insight into music, movies and more, that I never would have known of otherwise. And I love the feeling of friendship that has emerged as they’ve gotten older — with each other as well as with me."

Teens- Jenny Ball-Tufford

Jenny Ball-Tufford blogs about life after divorce, parenting teens and trashy TV at The Happy Hausfrau.

About the wonderful parts of raising teenagers, Jenny says, "Three things I love about raising my four teens are they can wipe their own bottoms, they are all tall enough to get things off of high shelves for me and every single day I get to marvel at what funny, smart and compassionate human beings they're becoming. Don't fear the teen years, people. They're pretty awesome."

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