Posted: Jan 09, 2014 9:00 AM
Chores are usually met with groans, but when you throw in some apps for kids, cleaning can become less of a battle. From awesome chore apps that help keep track of chores for kids to apps that turn tasks into a video game, discover five chore apps your kids will love.

You Rule Chores

By Opposite Inc.

You Rule Chores appTake the chore out of chores and make your kids' responsibilities fun when you use the awesome You Rule Chores app to help them tackle tasks. Parents can easily assign, track and judge chores for kids while youngsters compete against siblings to earn rewards and unlock powers in a video game-based chore app, starting with choosing an animated character and embarking on personalized "missions." As your child completes assigned chores, they gain new powers, unlock gadgets and earn "coins" as they level-up. Coins can then be cashed out for rewards you offer, whether it's pocket cash or screen time. Although there is a clear winner each week — the personal who competes their weekly chores first — every week is a new race so each of your kiddos has a chance to win.

Get it!^The You Rule Chores app is available on iTunes for $4

Lickety Split

By Swirly Studios

Lickety Split appGreat for toddlers and preschoolers, a visual timer combined with an animated hourglass and classical music make chores fun instead of a fight. As the time winds down, the music gets faster, motivating your youngster to chug through chores as well as helping kids grasp the concept of time running out. With two structures for time management — a beat the clock format and a countdown format — kids are rewarded with cheers and fireworks for being quick to clean up or get dressed, or are "quacked" for not brushing teeth or sharing long enough. You may choose preset times and tasks from the app, but a favorite feature of this app for kids is the ability to customize the length of time and the song you play from your phone's library.

Get it!^The Lickety Split app is available on iTunes and Google Play for $1


By Wunderbear

HomeRoutines appWhen keeping organized is your child's biggest hurdle, the HomeRoutines chore app is a simple, clutter-free way to keep track of you or your teen's to-do list on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 5.1 or later. You can set up daily and weekly routines, give your child daily goals or easily keep track of your to-do list without having to overcrowd your digital calendar or waste sticky notes. And, while less flashy or rewards-driven than other chore apps for kids, a gold star rewards chart still keeps teens organized and motivated to stay on track. At the end of the day, you can see how much your teen has completed by reviewing the accomplishments screen and resetting for the next day.

Get it!^The HomeRoutines app is available on iTunes for $5


By Got Clues

iRewardChart appInstead of juggling sticker charts or reminding yourself to reward your kiddo once you get home, your mobile phone or tablet can keep track of your child's chores and accomplishments on the go with this award-winning app. Created for the Android, Apple and Kindle platforms, you choose how your child earns stars and how stars are redeemed for rewards. This awesome chore app also weaves in opportunities to emphasize values and good behaviors, which can earn your kiddo stars as well. There are quite a few tasks, values and rewards already built in to make it easy to get this app up and going, but you can also easily add in your own chores and point values based on your child's needs. There are also free versions of iRewardChart Lite available, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as well as Kindle and Android devices, but it only supports up to one child with up to four tasks per week, which may only help with younger kiddos, but is still effective enough.

Get it!^The iRewardChart app is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for $4

Chore Hero

By Playforge Games LLC

Chore Hero appWhile this chore app for kids is pretty basic, the whole family can pitch in with this app that turns chores for kids into a little friendly competition. You can assign tasks and point values by days and times, but where it really gets interesting is letting the app randomly choose who is assigned the chores — even you! Your child's point totals determine each family member's title, from delinquent to chore hero, but this chore app for kids also lets you decide the rewards for which points can be cashed out. For families looking to keep everyone's chores on task while infusing a little bit of fun, this app is worthy of consideration. There's also a free Chore Hero Lite version which also runs on older Apple devices as well.

Get it!^ The Chore Hero app is available for $3 on iTunes

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