Posted: Feb 17, 2014 10:00 AM
Science might not be one of the most important subjects for kids but it shouldn't be overlooked. Help your kids expand their knowledge about the world around us with these top science apps. Covering everything from astronomy to the human body, these apps are great for learning at home.

Kid Weather

Science apps- Kid WeatherDesigned by a 6-year-old boy and his meteorologist dad, the Kid Weather app introduces children to everything related to the weather in a fun and engaging way. This app not only displays current weather conditions, but it also helps children understand what to wear for said weather. Considering my kids never want to wear a jacket when it's freezing outside, I think this is a great addition to the app. This app also includes weather trivia, a temperature converter and a graph to track weather conditions.

It would be nice if they added images to some of the trivia sections such as clouds and sky colors, but other than that, I think it's a good science app for learning about the weather.

GET it^ The Kid Weather app is available for $2 in iTunes and Google Play.

Happy Little Farmer

Happy Little Farmer appDesigned for children between the ages of 3 and 8, Happy Little Farmer is a fun app for learning how things grow. In the veggie garden, they have to clear the land before they can plant and care for the vegetables. The second section is a fruit pot where kids learn how to plant, water and pick berries. In the wheat field, they get to use machines to clear the field and harvest the crops.

My 4-year-old loves playing with this app and watching the plants grow, just as they do in our home garden. She also likes to bob her head to the nursery rhyme soundtrack. I wish that the app explained what was going on in each stage. Since it doesn't, it's best to play this game with your kids so you can tell them what is happening as they care for their crops.

GET it^The Happy Little Farmer app is available for $3 in iTunes and in Google Play.


GazziliScience appAnother science app designed for preschoolers, GazziliScience, teaches basic science concepts in a fun way. Topics include plants, seasons, the five senses and water cycles. Kids start with the first topic and then work their way through it to unlock the next topic. As they go through the app, it explains what they need to do to play the games.

I like that this app covers a variety of topics for young children and that it explains what is going on. My 4-year-old enjoyed playing the app although she found the talking to be a little too slow as you can't move on until it's done.

GET it^GazziliScience is available for $1 in iTunes.

The Human Body

The Human Body appThe human body is fascinating. Since most of what happens with the body goes on inside, it's hard for kids to really understand it. Thanks to The Human Body app by Tinybop, this is no longer the case. This fun science app allows children to discover what our bodies are made of and how they work. It covers everything from the skeletal system to how the eyes see and has smart device features that demonstrate vision and hearing.

My 10-year-old likes how the app shows what happens when the body is hurt. I like that the app can be set up for multiple children and that there is a dashboard for parents.

GET it^The Human Body app is available for $3 in iTunes.

NASA apps

NASA appsIf your children love learning about the world beyond Earth, NASA has the perfect apps for them. The basic NASA app has a large collection of videos, images, mission information along with the latest NASA information. It's great for older children who can read and are interested in space. For children who also like to play games while learning, NASA's Rocket Science app is the one to get. With this app, kids can build rocket ships and send them into space while learning about how it all works.

GET it^The basic NASA app doesn't have much flair in design but I'm not going to complain about that too much since the apps are free.

NASA app is available for free in iTunes and the Rocket Science app is available for free in iTunes and Google Play.


KidScience appYou can't talk science without mentioning experiments. And that's exactly where the KidScience app comes in. This app is filled with a variety of fun and educational science experiments that kids of all ages will love to do. The directions for the experiments are easy to follow and the app includes images and videos to walk you through what to do. Plus, the app explains the science behind the experiments so that the kids are learning while playing.

I love how this app makes it easy to search for experiments based on kids' ages, time available and what's in the pantry. My kids love it because science experiments are their favorite way to pass the time.

GET it^There is a free version of the app available in iTunes or the premium KidScience app can be purchased for $5 in iTunes.

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