Posted: Sep 14, 2014 8:00 AM
I wasn't sure whether I was crying because it was funny, or because I was grieving the loss of his beautiful brunette locks, but there my preschooler was with the scissors, and the room was covered with little boy hair and also quite a bit from our dog. I started hearing similar stories from other moms, and we're sharing them with you.
Photo credit: Sarah Kovac

My 4-year-old was in our bedroom for nap time, but nap time had become just-play-quietly-in-the-bedroom-time-so-I-don't-lose-my-mind time, as of late. So when I realized my son had been far too quiet for far too long, I sent my husband to make sure all was well.

"Sarah," he called from upstairs, "you might want to come see this." After The Mascara Incident several months before, I made it a point to keep most of my stuff out of the reach of little hands. I braced myself for whatever disaster awaited me on the other side of the door, and opened it. My son hurried up to me, talking a million miles a minute about how he used the scissors all by himself and how he was a big boy and didn't need help. There was a huge chunk of his bangs cut down so close to his scalp I was amazed there was no blood. I loved his shaggy 'do and dropped to my knees somewhere between laughter and grief as I realized we'd be shaving his head. But apparently my son wasn't content to cut just his own hair, and had lopped off several chunks of the poor dog's as well.

I soon found that many other moms have experienced similar scenarios.

Sarah Hess

Photo credit: Sarah Hess

Sarah, mother of two, learned that the trimmers need to be guarded closely. "Basically his father left the trimmers plugged in and walked away for a couple of minutes and I heard his sister scream. I ran to see what happened. He was standing there so sad and said he just wanted to look awesome. I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time."

Dezzie Ebers

Photo credit: Dezi Ebbers

In another beard trimmer blunder, Nebraska mom Dezi walked into the bathroom, "And she's standing there with my husband's beard trimmers… I instantly start bawling, and all I could say was 'What did you do? OMG, what did you do?! Your pretty curls... what did you do?!' I hollered for Dave, and as soon as he came around the corner, he busted up laughing. Thankfully it has grown out, and she looks like a mini Joe Dirt now."

Becky Miller

Photo credit: Becky Miller

"He did it in the guest room while the kids were in there working on art projects, I think. I am trying to piece together eyewitness accounts and vague confessions," recalls Becky, mother of four. "Apparently he did it because he didn't like his hair getting in his eyes? I mean, hey, fair enough. He clearly cut just the part that was hanging on his forehead. I just sighed and thought, 'Seriously? Again?' Because this is the second time he's given himself that exact same haircut. Except the last time he did it, he also cut the hair of Estel's new doll. I tried to fix it myself today, but now he's got like a half mullet that looks like it was styled by a weed whacker."

Jen Sparks

Photo credit: Jen Sparks

Aussie mom Jen's son "got ahold of my husband's beard trimmer not once, but twice. He hid it the first time, and we couldn't find it anywhere, so not half an hour after the first buzz cut, he did it again! I laughed, seeing his reverse Mohawk. We then shaved the rest of his head as close as we could without making him a skin head. We eventually found the trimmers... Behind the toilet. It's the first place I look now for anything."

Tempest Goss

Photo credit: Tempest Goss

Mother of two, Tempest's daughter Willow went to extreme lengths to obtain the scissors. "Willow got a hold of my hair cutting scissors when she crawled on top of the bathroom vanity and got in the medicine cabinet. She cut her bangs and though they didn't look great, they weren't horrible. One week later she crawled up on Lilly's changing table which was in front of a door with a hanging shoe organizer on it filled with medical supplies. Willow stood up and grabbed Lilly's emergency scissors while I was making dinner and cut her hair on the right-hand side near the front all the way down to the scalp, I don't have a picture of that, but the aftermath which was a shaven head, is the second picture."

Lindsey Franklin

Photo credit: Lindsey Franklin

California mom Lindsay's daughter cut her bangs also. "My daughter cut a tiny section of her bangs to about 1-inch long, just after they'd become long enough to pull back in a ponytail. She also cut some chunks out of the back, but they were underneath, and her hair is so long, they were hard to see. The 'cut' pics were not so bad (though I was fairly horrified), but we had to take her to get bangs again... and she came out looking pretty fabulous. Not exactly the deterrent to never cut her own hair again that I had hoped for."

Christine Eckhardt
Photo credit: Christine Eckhardt

"Karleigh was about 4 years old," recalls Missouri mom Christine. "Her hair was all one length and down to her waist. One afternoon I was standing in the bathroom and Karleigh walked in looking very pleased. It took me a second to realize what I was seeing. She had just finished watching the movie The Parent Trap and told me she was inspired (my words, not hers) after seeing Lindsay Lohan cut her hair to look like her twin (darn Hollywood). I wasn't upset but more shocked. A few days later… All I remember is my husband with a look of shock on his face saying, 'How are you going to fix that?' Me with I am sure my mouth still hanging open in utter shock just shook my head and said, 'I don't know.' Realizing we had a potential problem I told her that next time she wanted a haircut to let me know so I could take her otherwise she would end up looking like her brother who at the time was getting a #2 buzz cut (pretty short). That was the end of it."

Stephanie Clayton

Photo credit: Stephanie Clayton

Stephanie, mother of two, also has a daughter named Karleigh who enjoys a creative cut. "Karleigh was taking a nap at Grandma's house. The bed was in the same room as her sewing machine. When she woke up she came out and I noticed something was different. She had chopped all her hair off! I found her ponytail lying in the bed where she cut it off... And hairs all over the room where she cut her bangs to the scalp... I cried! It's been two years and it's slowly growing back!"

Karen Becker

Photo credit: Karen Becker

Karen, mother to four daughters, saw Isabelle retreat to her room. "I went to check on her and found the scissors in her hand and a chunk of her bangs cut off. I gasped and she knew she did something she shouldn't have. I reminded her about the upcoming wedding and that her hair needed to look nice for that. I almost cried and she almost cried, too. We called the bride together and told her. She said that if her flower girl cutting her own hair was the worst thing that happened, she was OK. We went to a hair dresser to get it cleaned up as good as we could and she never cut her hair again. She actually has the longest hair in the family today and even a trim of a 1/2 inch makes her upset."

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