Summer means a break from school, but sometimes it also means kids fall into bad habits, like too much TV or video game time. Solve the mid-summer activity slump by introducing some new toys to help keep your kids active.
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It's painfully hot right now where my family lives, but we try to go outdoors at least a few evenings a week to keep our kids moving. Nothing helps encourage activity more than a toy that's fun to ride, push or play on. Following are some outdoor toy ideas to keep your kids active during the summer.

Radio Flyer Cyclone

Price: $60Radio Flyer Cyclone

Move aside, bicycles. Kids sit on the Radio Flyer Cyclone and give their arms a workout. The 360-degree spinning action, as well as the ability to move forward or backward, makes it especially fun. Both of my kids (5-year old girl; 7-year-old boy) absolutely love zooming up and down the street. Watching them spin in circles makes me a little queasy, but kids don't seem to have the motion sickness issues we adults often develop. One of the kids in our neighborhood is 3 years old and she got the hang of it quickly, and my 7-year-old son enjoys it, so I think the suggested age range is very accurate.



  • Ages: 3-7 years old
  • Weight capacity: 69 pounds


Price: $80Rollerblades
I remember inline skating as a kid. It was great exercise and a ton of fun. With that in mind, Santa brought my kids Rollerblades for Christmas. My daughter was just under 5.5 and my son was still 6 and my husband thought they might be too young. I hate to say I was correct, but... They were super unsteady at first and my daughter looked like a brand new baby deer with her arms and legs flying about. But kids are really good at getting right back up when they fall down, and they were steady on their feet by the end of the first day. They had it down in a week. You can purchase Rollerblades from many retailers, including Amazon.


  • Adjusts four full sizes to make them last; options are sizes 2-5; 5-8; Y11-1
  • Closure system makes putting them on and taking them off easy

Radio Flyer Ziggle

Price: $50Radio Flyer Ziggle
To get the Ziggle going, kids just twist the front and wiggle the back. Once they get good at riding it, they can move pretty quickly and drift into 360-degree spins. The seat is adjustable so it will grow with your kiddo.


  • Ages: 3-8 years old
  • Weight capacity: 81 pounds

Slip 'N Slide

Price: $22Slip n' Slide
A few summers ago, my husband walked into the house with a Slip 'N Slide Hydroplane Double. After setting it up in our backyard, he achieved instant hero status with our then-3- and 5-year-olds. This is a great outdoor toy to keep kids cool in hot climates while helping them stay active.


  • Ages 5-12
  • 15-foot water slide
  • Includes two inflatable Slide Boogies for easy sliding

And for you...

Radio Flyer Build-a-Wagon

Price: $105Radio Flyer Wagon

If you're looking for a way to stay active yourself this summer, hauling the little ones around the neighborhood in a wagon is an option. When I was a kid, I had a shiny red Radio Flyer and while that classic toy was great, the new and improved version that doesn't result in burns on the backs of little legs from hot metal is pretty sweet. In fact, the newer Build-a-Wagon allows you to customize it with 150 different combinations, including options like canopies, umbrellas, speakers, seat pads, storage sets and more.

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