Former Miami Bad Girls Club star Erica Lynne angered nursing moms recently when she slammed public nursing, saying that while she doesn't have a problem with breastfeeding in public, she also doesn't want "lactating nipples" out for everyone to see. This is rich coming from a woman who has more breast showing in most of her publicity photos than nursing moms usually show in a feeding.
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It seems easy these days to offend people, especially when some seem so easy to offend. But it's impressive when someone manages to offend two fairly likable segments of the population in one fell swoop. Erica Lynne, former Bad Girls Miami "star," recently did just that. With one poorly constructed yet highly offensive Facebook post, she managed to offend breastfeeding moms and military spouses all at once.

I don't have a problem with it... but

On July 17, 2014, Erica took to her Facebook page to post a paragraph-long rant about nursing in public uncovered. In it she said, "…I know it's natural and I definitely don't have a problem with it. What I have an issue with is women whipping their tittie out as their child latches on and starts sucking away…with nothing covering the child sucking on the teet LOL. No one wants to be eating their food at a restaurant, or studying at (S)tarbucks with a side of lactating nipple out for everyone to see! COVER UP!"

Huh. Sounds to me like she absolutely has a problem with it.

Later in the comments she doubled-down on her non-problem with nursing in public, saying, "… I will remember how I felt looking at it while in a public place when I am a mother and I will definitely take that into consideration. I am not saying I have an issue with it, I am just saying it's not the norm to whip your tittie out. If there is nowhere to go I get it, but it would be nice if they (nursing mothers) took others into consideration."

Hypocrisy much?

The irony of these statements coming from a women who (a) has several social media pages where she routinely posts scantily clad photos of herself, to include mostly exposed breasts; (b) made a sex tape with her stripper ex-boyfriend, which was later "leaked" to the media; and (c) promotes herself as a “Brand Ambassador” and does so wearing next to nothing — well, it's laughable. It's "not the norm to whip your tittie out" to feed your baby, totally fine to whip it out for personal promotion though.

When breastfeeding mom Dana Albin took to the Facebook comments section of Erica's post to "play devil's advocate" and explain why some moms would choose to breastfeed in public uncovered, Erica quickly got hostile and personal saying, "…stop being so angry and lashing out at people who aren't even SPEAKING TO YOU OR ABOUT U (sic)… maybe if you're (sic) husband wasn't overseas you wouldn't lash out!"

Contradict me, and I'll insult your sacrifice

It seems important to mention here that Erica's Facebook page is public with her posts viewable by anyone with a Facebook account. It also seems relevant to mention that, as a breastfeeding mom who has nursed in public, Erica actually was speaking about Dana when she internet-shouted for women like her to "COVER UP!" The fact Erica took to trolling Dana's Facebook page to find out her U.S.M.C. husband had recently re-deployed is shameful at best and creepy at worst. Who does that? Who uses someone's husband's deployment as an insult? Erica Lynne, apparently.

If you are a "celebrity" and you post a (sadly) controversial question with a very offensive statement on your public Facebook page, you should be prepared for some backlash. When that backlash comes in the form of the homebound spouse of a deployed service member — someone sacrificing their intact family so you may have the right to spout the very nonsense you are spewing — the best way to defend yourself isn't to slam their situation. It's deplorable and it shows exactly how weak your argument was to begin with.

You give women a bad name

Women who think like Erica Lynne are what's wrong with society. It's primarily because of women like her — parading their breasts around as strictly sexual devices to be used for marketing and advancement — that nursing in public is such a big deal to begin with. If breasts could be normalized back down to their primary function — the nourishment of young — perhaps we could move past the issue of covering up, and move on to the greater issue of better supporting the moms who choose to nurse.

Shame on you for your hypocrisy, Erica Lynne. If you are ever blessed with motherhood and make the choice to nurse your babe, I hope you don't have to suffer the judgment and scorn you threw at nursing moms via Facebook. And if you do, and if you choose to vocalize your response, I hope you remember it's because of families like Dana Albin's that you have the freedom to do so.

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