A man stopping at Burger King during the busy lunch hour came with a splitting headache, but left with the taste of sweet revenge. Find out how this Burger King patron gets back at a rude mom and bratty kid and becomes my new hero.
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In a matter of a mere few days, Reddit user Thr111 has gone from getting something off his chest to going viral with his Reddit post about his lunchtime experience. While some people are blasting this user's renegade revenge technique as childhood-hating issues, most, myself included, are hailing Thr111's bold move as an act of awesomeness.

At first glance, this food court fiasco in a busy Burger King line during the lunch rush is simple:

  • Man waits patiently in line to order food
  • Bratty kid in line behind him screams repeatedly for pie, magnifying his splitting headache
  • Man asks the mother to calm the F-bomb-flinging child down
  • Mother snaps back for man to mind his own business before returning to her cell phone call
  • Man buys out the one thing the wailing kid behind him is asking for: Burger King pies — every single last one of them

But, is buying up all of the Burger King pies in the restaurant before the mom behind him can indulge in her howling kiddo's "I want a f****** pie!" demands a case of kid-hating or reprisal for a rude lady's response?

Problem with parents today

Honestly, I don't care to whom his actions were directed, whether it was the mom or the child he ultimately wanted to stick it to by rendering the Burger King pieless... I can't help but applaud the guy. What he did was awesome and harmless.

I want a f****** pie!

I understand that it's not uncommon for kids to throw tantrums in the middle of very busy public places. Believe me, over the years my kids have drawn plenty of unwanted attention by having meltdowns in public, albeit usually not laced with F-bombs. But, what irks me is the mother's response to the situation when asked to quiet the kid down. You may not be able to avoid kids being kids at inopportune times, but get off your phone and handle your kid for goodness sakes. Once the mom tells the man to quit trying to raise her child and just returns to her cell phone call, as far as I'm concerned all bets are off.

How this Burger King patron gets back at this rude mom and kid is as golden as apple pie in my book.

I'm not the confrontational type so I'm fascinated by passive-aggressive plots of retaliation. And, while my fantasy version of revenge against this smug mother would have involved a less-than-ladylike gesture, how this Burger King patron gets back at this rude mom and kid is as golden as apple pie in my book.

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