Posted: Mar 31, 2012 9:29 PM
If your bedroom looks more like a playroom or an office than a love nest, follow these tips to get your sexy back.

Ditch the TVTV

Take the TV, computer and video games out of your bedroom as soon as possible. If you can't find room in another place in your house, buy a beautiful armoire with doors to close them away. Clear out the exercise equipment, ironing board and other unnecessary furniture as well.

Get rid of the toys

The only toys that should be in your bedroom are sex toys. The kids don't need to play in your room -- they have the whole house. Bring the toys, games and other kids' stuff back to the playroom, family room or their bedrooms. While you are at it, declutter the rest of your room, clearing out any old magazines, books and other clutter.

Dress up your bed

An old mattress, dingy sheets and ratty comforter aren't going to put you in the mood for love. Invest in quality sheets with a high thread-count -- you won't believe how soft they are. When you pick out new bedding, choose sexy colors such as rich wine or deep violet. If you want to splurge on a new mattress set, keep in mind that some sexy beds that are available include: Champagne coolers, iPod docs and massagers.

romantic candleSet the mood

Set the mood with music and lighting. Put a dimmer switch on overhead lights to add a little ambiance instead of just flipping the lights out. Have plenty of candles on hand -- choose the flameless variety for safety. Load your iPod, smartphone or CD player with sexy tunes, ranging from sappy love songs to high-energy mixes.

Install a mirror

You don't have to put a mirror on your ceiling, but adding a large mirror to your bedroom wall can be a plus. It makes the room look bigger -- and both you and your partner may enjoy a peek at the action.

Sexifying your bedroom doesn't have to cost a bundle. With a few choice items, you can get your bedroom back to the sensual haven it was meant to be.

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